Survival tips?

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User Info: TaraMarie

5 years ago#1
Any tips on what to do first?
It seems you get just enough time to get some material to build a small shelter...
but every time I do this... the enemies break it down... and kill me.

I've tried to dig down and fill it in as I go... but the enemies still hit me... and I can't even see them... what am I doing wrong?

User Info: valios86

5 years ago#2
I would like to know this as well. I made a house out of basalt they didn't blow it up but then dug down in basalt to hide and they blew their way through to me. I would like to know what they can't blow up but some sort of rock house may help.

User Info: martingolding96

5 years ago#3
now this is why i prefer minecraft as it is easier to survive on that game than on this one also i don't need the internet to play minecraft but i do for total miner

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