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User Info: thiagosldark

6 years ago#1
me and my friends created a RPG Dig Dep Server to live like a RPG game,one of my friends have a shop that sell items for lower price then those in NPC Shops,but we have NPC shops,we have a small village tht its where we live,a forest that we created named forest of horror that have spiders and its a great forest to adventure,and u can join and be thief and steal others and others things,for those who join only Edit and Map will b activated if want Grief just PM one of 3 ADMIN,we have NPCS inside of MAP too,that sell items and are in key parts of map like the guard of village or the elf of horror forest

Rules to be a thief is

Dont kill or steal the victim until he is alone,if have others players close u cant steal,
u cant steal blocks of houses but u can steal those boxes of items that are open,but no one can see u,need to steal in the shadows too


PK Not allowed,just can PK if u are a Thief and are robbering
Do not destroy the houses of others
u can build a small village,city or a house inside of one village
to have the grief activated PM one of ADMINs
do not steal blocks from the house of other ppl

OBS 1: if u break one of those rules u will get kicked,after being kicked 3 times u get BANNED from the server

OBS 2: we working to make a Jail and Police Work and we will pay those police officers some gold for each bandit that put in jail,

OBS 3: the rule of Police and Bandit will be that one

if the police kill the bandit,the bandit will be jailed for 10 minutes of real life,in the jaill that will have locked door.

and u can help with ideas and be a ADMIN too if want to help us.
any questions or if want to join
PM in xboxlive : GS Thiagosldark , GS Mrcag , GS TanakaJorge
or look for the server named RPG New Life

(actuall we have 3 ADMIN,Me that speak English,Spanish and Portuguese from Portugal but can talk with brazilians, GS TanakaJorge that speak brazilian portuguese,GS MrCag that speak little english and first language portuguese brazil)
''Everyday humans come one step close to self destruction,im not destroying the world,im saving it! ''
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