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User Info: brute_strength

3 months ago#1
Please bring back the old wanted system, like it was in GTA III. I do not care about "reality"...if i can make it to a garage and repair the vehicle and remove the wanted level is perfect and this is what I wish. I absolutely hate having to get outside a wanted circle for a set amount of time or whatever to remove a wanted star to move forward. Nice try, but this is stupid. Go back to what is fun!
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic - Arthur C. Clarke

User Info: StrictNebula

3 months ago#2
If you're playing online, you can always call Lester to remove your wanted level.

User Info: grutebrute

2 months ago#3
Change sucks but getting away from cops is actually pretty easy most of the time in gta 5. You don't have to run like hell every time you get a wanted level, you just have to hide out of sight and wait it out. If you've ever played Metal gear solid its a little like that and can be fun if you just get the cops to run in circles while you stay a step ahead of them. Try taking 90 degree turns if you're on the highway before running into more cops or taking paths through nature and down alleyways to throw them off. Good luck having fun
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