Question about everyone's money making tips

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User Info: wareagle2008

7 months ago#1
Why do all the guides people put out all say wait till end of game before doing all the big money making especially stock market stuff? Why would you even want money after the story, like making money for the sake of having it. I would like money early and throughout the game so I never have to worry about how much I spend. What am I missing?
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User Info: M0NSTER_

7 months ago#2
I think the concept behind it is you won't have enough money to buy all the properties unless you do that. I tend to agree with you and would rather just spend money throughout the game, instead of owning a golf course at the end of the game.
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User Info: LancetJades

7 months ago#3
If you fully exploit every possible stock market opportunity, and go a little out of your way to get Franklin some decent capital (use the $25k underwater pickup a few times), you can get more than enough to buy all properties.

There are chances to exploit stocks outside of the assassinations. Buy Vangelico stock before doing Caida Libre and sell afterwards, as it rebounds. Buy the FlyUS stock after the mission where Michael chases the woman at the airport, and sell... after Meltdown, I think? There are guides that mention this, mainly one at Most guides only mention the assassination missions, though.
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