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  3. Why is the music in this game so damn good?

User Info: SolidStryder

7 years ago#41
It's going to be hard for any GTA to pass SA and VC for me. That said, GTA V is easily my number 3. IV was ok, but off the top of my head if Flashing Lights, War is Necessary, or Wanted Dead or Alive wasn't playing, I just listened to Lazlow. Quite a few of the stations in V have songs I'll listen to. Chakra Attack and The Fernando Show are hilarious.

User Info: Lanijon

7 years ago#42
the_old_days posted...
Vice > VCS > SA > III > LCS > IV > V


Pretty much this except I'd make some minor adjustments.

VC > VCS >>>> SA > LCS > IV (w/ VCFM) >>>>>>>>> IV (w/o VCFM) > V >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> III

User Info: flowaz

7 years ago#43
Disagree. SA>VC>III>V>IV for me.
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User Info: FollowingRules

7 years ago#44
I think the radio is okay.

VBR, blue ark, and radio los santos are trash.

Worldwide is kind of pointless.

That said i love flylo, channel x and radio mirror park.

It seems to me like the only people who are upset are the ones who solely listen to metal and classic rock. Those people need to broaden their horizons.

User Info: tubb311

7 years ago#45
really could use a metal station
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User Info: calimann83

7 years ago#46
The worst GTAs for music were IV and III hands down. V comes is not the best, that goes to Vice and IMO SA would be second. so I guess...

VC > SA > V > III > IV

...and of course that is not counting secondary games like Vice City Stories.
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  3. Why is the music in this game so damn good?
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