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  3. What happens when you reach the boundaries of the game's map?

User Info: Mr_Cumberdale

7 years ago#1
Yesterday I was using Skyfall cheat and kept spawning further from the land for like 15 minutes. At the end it wouldn't let me use the cheat and my character dived and died. My brother said a shark ate me but I didn't see it.

Any idea what happened?
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User Info: dahman86

7 years ago#2
i drove a boat to the very north tip of the map it sunk and so i started to swim back to shore but 10 secs later not one but two sharks ate me . lesson learned i guess dont go to the edge of the map lol.

User Info: midnyghtsson265

7 years ago#3
I drove a boat very far to the west of the map trying to get eaten by a shark. I never got to the edge...the entire land mass had disappeared but still no boundary.

How long do you have to be in the water to get eaten? I'm gonna try again tonight and just swim around longer.
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User Info: samantha_sneez

7 years ago#4
Don't go to the edge of the map. You will die every time. Trust me.
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User Info: jordanlewis

7 years ago#5
I flew a plane to the edge of the map and the engine cut out and couldn't be restarted.

Ended up splashing down in the water and being eaten by a shark when trying to swim back to shore.

User Info: combatcm1

7 years ago#6
I drove to the end of the map, my car engine caught on fire and i got eaten by a shark,

User Info: HELLWOLF06

7 years ago#7
i drove a boat for 2 hours in one direction

turned around and was back to shore in less than a minute ... was like the never ending staircase in mario 64
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User Info: shinyspot

7 years ago#8
let me see if i understand this....

-if your swimming in the water and you go out of bounds, your attacked by multiple sharks?
-if your in a boat, it stalls and sinks leaving you a sitting duck?
-if your in a plane/helicopter, it stalls and crashes leaving you for fish food?

is the boundary like gta 4 where after the turn around warning message appears you suddenly hit the boundary and explode?

User Info: Jacquard

7 years ago#9
Land, no, sea shark.
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  3. What happens when you reach the boundaries of the game's map?
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