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User Info: MiIkMan

3 months ago#1
I still haven't played this game. I bought it for PC recently when it finally hit $20, which took an unexpectedly long time to do. I might not even like it, but I think it's interesting to own a previous gen version of it along with the best version of it (PC). Will be interesting to see how it differs.

Paid $13 for it at a local game shop, used.
Milk, man.
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User Info: Hotel_Security

2 months ago#2
I'm playing the PS3 version myself. I got it as a gift a few years back and haven't gotten to it until now. Didn't see a need to get the better version.

Only drawback seems to be that some features of the online portion have been removed which means you can't get a few trophies so a platinum is now impossible on the PS3 version. I'm normally a trophy fiend but I found it refreshing that I won't be allured to try out the online and do some boring grinding just to get a trophy. I'm just going for 100% in the single player and will be done with it. Never been much for online anyway.

I'm guessing the loading times may end up as much worse than the PS4 version though...can take over a minute to load any save. Makes me wish there was a "restart" function when I replay a mission for a Gold score and screw up...instead I have to reload the save, wait through the load time and then replay the mission again. Not sure how they didn't add that in.
(edited 2 months ago)
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