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  3. Questions about the prologue/betrayal premise of the story

User Info: Oumph

1 year ago#1
I just replayed the single player mode but I'm still confused about some aspects of the story, even though I tried to search up answers.

1) Why did Michael have to fake his own death? Why couldn't he just go into hiding like Trevor did? If it's to "start a new life elsewhere with a new name", I hardly find that believable because he's living in a big city (los santos) and under same first name "Michael" with the same appearance, like he surely would've been recognized anyway.

2) Why did Michael have the setup with Dave Norton in the prologue heist to cut ties with Brad and Trevor? It is commonly stated that the prologue was a set up for Brad and Trevor to be killed so that Michael can 'get out' of the crime life. But why not just say "hey Brad, Trevor, I'm done with pulling heists now I'm going to retire and take care of my family"? They seemed to be friends so they would understand, and Michael can 'get out' without any the betrayal happening.

3) Even if Michael absolutely had to fake his own death so society would think he's dead, why not just tell Brad and Trevor that he's not, since they're all friends anyway? If it's because he cant risk them leaking out the truth, then why does he let someone like Lester live knowing the truth? Lester and Michael both know each other are alive, so using that logic, wouldn't Michael have to have Lester killed as well?

I just don't really understand this premise.

User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
1 year ago#2
1. He struck a deal with the feds so he could start his life over and not be forced into hiding like a rat. He wanted the good life and sold out his friends to have it.

2. Does Trevor seem like a person that would be understanding of anything? The way the media portray career criminals is that you're in it for life and anyone who tries to get out has sold out everyone else. Trevor and Brad probably would have killed Michael and took his share and called it a heist gone wrong.

3. Starting to think you're just trolling now because it's really obvious. He wasn't trying to get anyone killed. Michael was supposed to be "killed" during the escape while the other two either escape or get caught. It wasn't about eliminating the others or anyone who knew he was alive, it was to make Trevor and Brad think that Michael was dead. The whole thing was setup by Michael so that Dave could be considered a hero and promoted and that Michael could get out of the life of crime. He didn't care what happened to Brad or Trevor.
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User Info: mithras123

1 year ago#3
Michael had to fake his death because he wanted to have a decent life with his family away from stealing and heists, and he didn't want to be bothered by Trevor :))
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