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  3. How/when do you unlock Trevor?
I_am_special 8 years ago#1
Is there a specific mission I need to complete?
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Jeremyc333 8 years ago#2
Just keep playing the Franklin/Michael missions, it will happen, and the wait is well worth it.

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EverDownward 8 years ago#3
I haven't unlocked him yet, but I assume the appropriate thing to do is keep playing the story. Keep doing missions, and he'll turn up. That's how you get Michael, most likely the same for Trevor.
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kennyynnoo 8 years ago#4
5 hours into missions roughly.
StockpileThomas 8 years ago#5
Straight after the first heist.
ChickenChaser 8 years ago#6
After you complete your first heist mission - I believe the very next Michael mission will trigger Trevor. Then you will be playing only as Trevor for awhile before you get access to all 3.

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redhawt 8 years ago#7
Keep playing the story and you will get to him after a certain mission when mike and the black guy want to lay low for awhile,

it was around 8-12 hours for me to get to his first mission (I am enjoying the game not trying to speed through it) once you have him tho if you like gta IV you are in for a treat/disappointment tho lol
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I_am_special 8 years ago#8
Ahh, cool, cheers. As it happens I'm just about to start the first heist mission.
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  3. How/when do you unlock Trevor?
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