My personal idea for Pikmin 4 (An /actual/ Pikmin 4) (Pt. 2)

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User Info: Digiboy622

7 months ago#1
(Continued from

Captain Abilities: Continued
Olimar's Daughter (who I don't believe is named, and therefor will be called OD). Like her father, OD has a love for science and the wonders of the natural world. While an active captain, she will see weak points in enemies, which cause greater damage if struck, as well as tune her Portable Scanner to display enemy locations on the map.
Olimar's Son (Again, unnamed. Referred to as OS). OS was more into with athletics over academics, becoming a small-time sports star. While an active captain, he and his co-captain walk faster, and Pikmin walk and carry faster, no matter how far away from him they are. He also has the fastest plucking speed of any captain.

Other gameplay mechanics:
Pikmin can lose flowers again from being shaken off. To make up for this, Nectar can be collected by captains (Up to 3), and sprayed onto your current party of Pikmin. Each spray will turn up to 20 leaf pikmin into flower, or 40 bud pikmin into flower.

Mechanical Pikmin: The only new "Pikmin" type, isn't really a Pikmin at all. Designed by Alph, mechanical Pikmin have no special resistances. However, they are 5 times as strong as normal Pikmin. This does come at the cost of being very slow. These "Pikmin" are mostly designed to carry treasures, so that you don't have to sacrifice 40 of you 100 pikmin to carry something. Also, due to being mechanical, Mechanical Pikmin do minor damage to enemies when eaten/Crushed by a soft-bodied enemy.

As for the goals of the game: Pikmin 4 will be a bit of a combination of all the previous games. Not only do you have to find scrap to repair your ship, but you also need to find food for your crew, and the missing passengers. There's even some hidden treasures about that you can collect.

This is all I have for now, but let me know what you all think!

User Info: Lagochocobo13

7 months ago#2
No need for two topics... could have just replied in the first one.

Anyway I think this is too much. Pikmin is about well Pikmin. No actual new Pikmin is saddening and the captains abilities would need to be fine tuned and limited.

Think something like this:

Olimar: C-stick controls
Louie: Faster plucking
President: Treasure tracker
Alph: Bigger Whistle
Brittany: Food Radar
Charlie: Stronger, all Pikmin act like Reds with higher attack
OS: Faster walk speed for Pikmin and entire group
OD: Enemy Radar
Olimar's wife?: Escape pod Radar

Also each would unlock different piklopedias as well for fun and more lore.

This all said I like the story for it and the idea of having more captains.
I would add some new Pikmin even if it's only two but make them spread out as to not overwhelm a single captain having to choose which pikmin to bring.

Area where Olimar/Louie/President are have Red/Blue/Yellow/Purple and new one.
Alph/Brittney/Charley has Blue/Yellow/Rock/Flying and a new one.
OS/OD (maybe his wife too?) Red/Blue/White/Both new ones and Bulbmin. Olimar's family finds a way to save the Bulbmin from their cave dwelling and allows them to join the group. They are stored in the ship like Purple and White used to be and can not reproduce. Purple and White are now part of the onion and are plot relevant.

When you clear the game all captains go together and you can use any Pikmin anywhere which unlocks a post game similar to Pikmin 2.
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User Info: DiogenesKC

7 months ago#3
eh, I'm not feeling it. I don't see much benefit to having so many different playable captains, it seems like a case of "more stuff" for its own sake rather than genuinely making the game better. why not just have each person you rescue give you an upgrade of some sort?

also the robot pikmin sound boring. having a big chunk of your squad tied up in carrying things plays into the strategy of the game; you largely lose that if there's dedicated carryboys doing it for cheap. also pikmin are supposed to be your primary tool, so not getting any genuinely new pikmin types is pretty lame.
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User Info: piranhapete

7 months ago#4
I think it would work if groups remained rather separate and had access to only certain kinds of Pikmin so it wouldn't get too confusing. Then towards the end maybe they can combine/reconfigure. 6+ captains sounds like A LOT though. Maybe too much. I'm not sure if different captain abilities really adds that much substance to the series.

I also would really, really like to see more real Pikmin types! Definitely at least two is a must for me looking into Pikmin 4.
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