My personal idea for Pikmin 4 (An /actual/ Pikmin 4) (Pt. 1)

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User Info: Digiboy622

7 months ago#1
So, we got Hey! Pikmin. Is it a bad game? Nah. Is it a good game? Kinda. The demo was enjoyable. But it clearly wasn't Pikmin. It went from Pikmin to being any other game where you have different characters who have different abilities. So I'm here to tell you about something that is Pikmin. Or, at least, what I would like to be Pikmin.

The basic plot of "My" Pikmin 4 would be as follows: (Spoilers for Pikmin 3)

After returning from PNF-404 successfully with the Koppaites, and being modestly rewarded for finding the Cosmic Drive Key, Olimar finds that The President has once again created a new business venture: Interstellar space cruises, alongside their preexisting space freight company. Still being the only employee of Hocotate Freight, he is soon among the stars again, in a much larger ship, carrying not only treasure, but passengers as well. As thanks for returning Captain Olimar safely, the President offers the Koppaite Crew a cruise on the brand new ship... At a discount. The Koppaites, once sure their planet will flourish with the fruit they've returned, accept. Olimars' family is also coming along for the ride.

The Cruise goes off without any issues, up until, at the request of his son, Alph, and Charlie, Olimar agrees to add PNF-404 as the last planet they visit before returning home. And, of course, this is where things take a bad turn. As per usual with the hostile planet, a catastrophic engine failure sends the ship hurtling towards the surface of the planet, while also severely damaging the hull, storage compartments, and communications. While Olimar attempts to prevent a crash landing, Charlie assists in getting the passengers to life-pods, sending them to the planet below. Meanwhile, Alph tries, in vain, to repair the engine, before he too abandons ship.

Despite the overwhelming odds, Olimar is able to get the ship into a stable, but low, orbit. However, he soon realizes that with the destroyed communications tower, he has no way of sending out an S.O.S. signal, nor does he have the means to scan the planet for the life-pods. Fortunately, he does have one remaining option: To use his personal vessel, the S.S. Dolphin 2 (NOT the Hey! Pikmin! version. The ACTUAL S.S. Dolphin, but with repairs and upgrades from the first game) to go to the planets surface, and, with the ever-helpful Pikmin, find his family, the Koppaites, and the rest of the passengers.

Now that the basic plot is out of the way, I have also spent many moons thinking of unique gameplay mechanics.
1) Captain Abilities. Olimar won't be the only available captain for Pikmin 4, and each captain has their own set of advantages (and disadvantages, for a few).
Olimar: As a four-time veteran of the planet, and a four-time Pikmin commander veteran, while Olimar is an active captain, he has access to, basically, what the C-Stick did in the first two games, alongside a faster pluck speed, and larger whistle radius.
Alph: Being the only engineer, having Alph as an active captain increases the range of your portable scanner equipment, which is very useful as Pikmin 4's maps will function similarly to Pikmin 3's, in which you can only view area's you've already been. Furthermore, the map will not show the location of Life-Pods, unless you've already found them. He will also slowly repair space suits during the course of the day if he isn't currently doing anything else.
Brittany: As a Botanist, Brittany has spent some time analyzing the plant portions of the Pikmin. While an active captain, Flower Pikmin will not lose their flowers under any circumstances, and recovered pellets/beasts provide a 20% greater Pikmin gain. She also has a faster pluck speed, much like Olimar.
Charlie: Charlie's mere presence encourages Pikmin to fight harder and carry faster. While an active captain, Pikmin will do 10% greater damage, and, while in a set radius of Charlie, carry faster.
(Cont in other posts)
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