Louie for Smash Bros? We can vote!

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User Info: Oliman

2 years ago#1

Nintendo is letting us vote for the next Smash Bros DLC fighters.

I think Louie would make a great character.

Sure, he COULD be a clone that just uses different kinds of Pikmin (rock, mushroom, bulbmin), but I think he could also be a very unique fighter that uses random "treasures", foods, and even creatures.

Plus, his final smash could be riding on top of Titan Dweevil.

Anybody else want Louie?
If not, which orher Pikmin rep would you pick?
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User Info: alexh9md

2 years ago#2
Yep, we need Louie .

User Info: Pentao

2 years ago#3
I actually would want more Pikmin representation through other means rather than a playable character first.

Like you know, some of Pikmin's ACTUAL battle themes. Or some of the items found in Pikmin being incorporated into Olimar/Alph's pre-existing moveset.

Or some of the voices of the captain's from Pikmin. Character-wise, I'd rather sooner see a playable Bulborb or an enemy than I would another captain.
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