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User Info: SkyCake

3 years ago#1

I was wondering... how do you play the game? I just recently got the demo to see if I want to buy the full game, later. I'm fairly confident I do! But, controls are meh...

With the gamepad and stylus mode! I feel like the gamepad is too big to comfortably hold, and use the stylus at the same time. Do you use the other buttons? It would be hard to hold the gamepad, use the stylus, and push the buttons on the right at the same time. And, not knowing where exactly my "target" is.

So, I changed to Classic fairly quickly. Now, I can see my target radial at all times! Woo! But, it's kind of weird that the target is the main focus for me to watch, but the camera follows the captain (obviously). Just feels weird.

Are other controllers compatible? Do you use them?

I've never once been picky about controls in a game. But, for whatever reason, the two options I've tried just feel off to me. Like, they're both close to how I would want it, but neither is quite there. I could adjust to either control, honestly. But, I would like to know which control scheme you used to play the game! And, how it was.

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User Info: Magnemight

3 years ago#2
There's also a Wiimote and Nunchuck mode. Can't recall if there's a Pro Controller method, but I doubt that it would be better than the Gamepad.
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User Info: _011235813_

3 years ago#3
Wiimote and Nunchuck with the gamepad in your lap for "go here"/map usage. Pointing at your target with the wiimote is much easier than anything else.
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User Info: SkyCake

3 years ago#4
Thanks, you two! I'll try the Wiimote and Nun-chuck combo when I buy the game. Ran out of demo time! Haha. I didn't even consider wiimote and nunchuck. Still kind of new to Wii U, and Wiis in general. Never played the Wii, it really kind of collected dust... Really fun game, even more fun than the first one! I skipped the second one... oops!
FC: 0619-3786-5019 Sky IGN: Karen
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User Info: Rohkey

3 years ago#5
I don't like the Wiimote and didn't like the feel of the Wii U Gamepad when I first started, so I use the Pro controller with the Gamepad in my lap. Works well, I just wish they kept the C-stick swarm function. It would be perfect on the Pro controller.

User Info: RollingSkull

3 years ago#6
Pro Controller works fine though I can see if I want to do high level play I will probably want the point and click aiming of the stick.

Still, I've played the entire game and most of the challenge mode with the pro controller and it's a beauty.
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