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User Info: DayWithoutGames

4 months ago#1
A few months ago , I found out that some company finally decided to translate this Dragon's Crown manga to English :

I was wondering : A 4 year old manga ? Why ? And now I get it : they got infos of the Dragon's Crown Pro port .

But the problem is the English edition doesnt have Kindle version , only the German edition has . Im afraid that if I import the paperback version , the customs officers in my country will confiscate my manga , just by looking at the cover , lol . They may think it is a hentai manga and keep it ... for their personal use , lol .

I hope someone will localize "Deplorable! Amazon-chan" and "A Newbie Adventurer's Picture Diary" next . And there are some similar manga like "Goblin Slayer" and "Delicious in Dungeon" .
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User Info: Udamaru

4 months ago#2
Newbie's picture diary is so good.

User Info: Gen2000

3 months ago#3
I remember someone translating some of the Elf and Amazon chapters some time ago on here.

The Newbie Adventurer Picture Diary stuff was adorable AF.
The Storm Is About To Rage.....

User Info: pcx

3 months ago#4
Seems it's already translated. Just not physical.

Follow the 2 links from the first post of this,

User Info: DayWithoutGames

3 months ago#5
Yeah , I already read the scanlated Amazon-chan and Picture Diary online , after I started playing D's C on PS3 a few months ago .

But I want some company to release the official English version of this book : 君は『ドラゴンズクラウン』を楽しむための3つの巻物を開いた (ファミ通Books)

You can search for it on

It has 143 pages , click on the cover and you can see the sample pages . This book probably has additional artworks and comments of the 2 artists .
A youtube channel with funny videos :
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