So, what did you name your Elf?

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User Info: dnanoodle

4 years ago#71
Named mine Rydia. Would have used that name for the Sorc, but it doesn't look even remotely right, what with the dark clothes and large...skeletons. Just said screw it and used the name on my Elf because I like it so much.

User Info: Twilite_shards

4 years ago#72
Lockon, after Lockon Statos from Gundam 00. They're both snipers. :]
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User Info: meralonne

4 years ago#73
viewtiful_dru posted...
Mine is named Isabeau

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User Info: Jeannie13

4 years ago#74
Red Elf

First, it was Ivy cause was the random name that popped up most. Then I thought Red Elf would be a nice reference.
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User Info: Rowde

4 years ago#75
I went with the "dark elf" color and named her "whisper"
Made the letters as small as possible...

Sadly neither the english or japanese voice actress is very quiet...
If only there was option to have no voice at all.

User Info: Shin Star

Shin Star
4 years ago#76
Mine's "Allenby" and the name is from G Gundam lol.
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  3. So, what did you name your Elf?

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