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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#1
Okay, I had a lot of trouble getting this thing in here, just look at it and enjoy! *collapses*

Entrance: An outline of Isaac runs in, from which Isaac phases out of the Cloak Psynergy.

AAA: Isaac slashes with his sword twice before thrusting forward in a stab.

Dash A: Isaac jumps forward a bit and performs an overhead slash.

Up: The earth beneath Isaac’s feet rises up and throws him in the air as he performs a rising slash.
Side: A wave of sand splashes up in front of Isaac.
Down: Vines spread around Isaac’s feet and cause opponents to trip.

Up: Isaac uses Punji Psynergy to create bamboo stalks that shoot up through the ground around him, knocking enemies up high; has very limited horizontal range, but great vertical range.
Side: Isaac uses the Annihilation Psynergy to dash forward and slash at a foe for tremendous damage and a crumple effect; however the attack has a very precise hitbox in front of Isaac, and has a very slow recovery phase if it whiffs (is only slightly faster if it connects). Also, Isaac will not end his dash early if an enemy is close, instead dashing through them. Very, very rarely, the attack will exchange its raw damage for pure knockback, potentially killing enemies at 0% damage, but only causing around 2% damage; the chance of this effect can be increased by charging the attack. Has an aesthetic effect where Kanji will briefly display, which will change depending on whether the attack does damage or knockback.
Down: Isaac skewers the ground with his sword and uses Gaia Psynergy, opening a tear in the ground beneath him and causing several rocks to fly out; has limited vertical range, but good horizontal range.

A: Isaac performs a spinning kick, his foot engulfed in stone, which sends his foe plummeting to the ground.
Up: Isaac uses Catch Psynergy to grab at foes above him; if it connects, it drags the foe close to Isaac’s position.
Forward: Isaac uses Move Psynergy to create a small ghostly hand that shoves foes forward.
Back: Isaac spins around and uses Slap Psynergy to hit his foe away.
Down: Isaac creates and rides a spire down to the ground, dropping like Toon Link; if he hits an enemy with the attack, the spire will shatter and Isaac will bounce off and be able to attack again, and will also regain the use of his double jump if it was previously used.

Grabbing: Isaac sends a mesh of thorny vines through the ground at a foe and drags himself close to them if they connect; will only connect with enemies on the ground but has a large reach and will ensnare the first person to step in the vines while they’re out. This can also be used to latch on to ledges (the vines will shoot through the air from Isaac’s hands in this case).
A: The vines holding the foe writhe, causing damage with their thorns.
Up: Isaac uses Carry Psynergy to throw his foe into the air; the throw can be angled by holding a direction during the animation.
Forward: Isaac uses Force Psynergy to send his foe flying forward.
Back: Isaac uses Backstab Psynergy to disappear behind his foe and strike them from behind.
Down: Isaac creates a bed of thorns at his feet and slams his foe into it.

Recovery Attacks
Ground: Sand splashes around Isaac as he stands up.
Ledge: Isaac flips over the ledge and slashes with his sword.

More to Follow.
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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#2
1) Four djinn pop up from various points on Isaac’s outfit, one of each element.
2) Isaac pulls out the Mars Elemental Star and looks at it as it glows red before he puts it up.
3) Isaac holds his sword up high as he and it glow with psynergy, before resuming his stance.

Victory Animation
1) Isaac strikes a pose very similar to the artwork on the first Golden Sun box, and a boulder rises from the earth.
2) Isaac looks at the djinni Flint on his shoulder and sighs before smiling.
3) Isaac holds up the Mars Elemental Star in the air with a determined expression.

Losing Animation: Isaac kneels on the ground, using his sword as support.

B Set

B: Djinn
Isaac uses one of four djinni, depending on his current elemental set. Using a djinn will cause it to enter “standby” mode, and if Isaac performs this attack while his Djinn is on standby, he will take about a second to put it on “set” mode. Switching elements will not switch the mode of Isaac’s Djinn, though the element of the Djinni he is using will shift. Note that when a Djinni is set, the power and properties of Isaac’s Psynergy-using B attacks will increase, but Isaac will take damage with each use of those attacks. Details for different elements will follow.

Down B: Element Shift
Isaac will take about a second to shift the elements of his B set, glowing the color of the element he is shifting to. The elemental shift is goes in the order of Venus (earth), Mars (fire), Jupiter (wind), and Mercury (water), with earth being Isaac’s default element (note that, despite earth being his default element, the element he starts with in a match can be altered on the character select screen). This ONLY affects his B attacks, and otherwise does not alter his playstyle.


B: Flint
Isaac leaps forward in the air as Flint the Venus Djinni merges with his sword and causes it to glow. From here, Isaac slams his sword down and a burst of energy emits from it upon hitting the ground, knocking back foes and doing significant damage. Flint (or any other Djinn) can be re-set immediately following his use, after Isaac finishes the attack’s recovery phase.

Side B: Ragnarok/Odyssey
If Flint is on standby, Isaac swings his sword forward and a psynergy sword is embedded in the ground a set distance in front of him (if there is no ground at that distance, the sword will pause in the air at that spot instead). The sword will then finish its dive into the ground, causing a shower of energy to erupt; if an enemy was hit by the first part of the attack, the foe will be stuck in place until knocked back by the second part. If Flint is set, a pair small energy swords will stick into the air (or a foe) at a diagonal a set distance from Isaac, and Isaac will lunge forward with a stab, his sword becoming the Odyssey sword (on a smaller scale) and sending foes flying; using Odyssey will damage Isaac by 5% per use.

Up B: Growth/Wild Growth
If Flint is on standby, Isaac will hold his hand up and a vine will grow into the air from it, latching onto an enemy in the air and dragging Isaac towards the enemy. The vine will do minor damage, but can also be used to latch onto ledges. If Flint is set, the vine will reach further, expand faster, and drag enemies down to Isaac’s level, slamming them into the ground (or throwing them below him if he is in the air) for more damage; using Wild Growth will damage Isaac by 2% per use.

More to Follow
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User Info: Darkblaze53

5 years ago#3
Don't care what he moves like, as long as we can in some way get him to look like this:
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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#4

B: Core
Isaac will hold his hand up and the Mars Djinni Core appears, surrounding itself in a small sphere of fire. Core then arcs forward as if lobbed until it hits the ground (or goes off the edge of the map), where it explodes and damages nearby enemies. If an enemy is hit as Core arcs toward the ground, Core drills into the foe and inflicts continuous damage until it reaches the other side of the enemy (or reaches a max damage limit), at which point it will resume its normal pattern, and the poor sap who was in the way will be launched backwards. A Djinn can be re-set immediately after the explosion.

Side B: Heat Wave/Liquefier
If Core is on standby, Isaac launches a fire wave that has properties similar to a fire flower (little knockback, continuous damage). The fire wave will travel a set distance and is blasted out for a set (short) amount of time, but has a wider area of effect. If Core is set, a hole of lava opens up a set distance from Isaac, and sits there like a trap for a set period of time or if Isaac casts Liquefier again. If an enemy walks on it, beams of light will emerge, striking the enemy and dealing a large amount of overall damage; however the trap has virtually no knockback. Using Liquefier damages Isaac for 3% per use.

Up B: Fume/Dragon Fume
If Core is on standby, Isaac engulfs himself in flames shaped like a dragon’s head and rockets up in an arc, going back down to earth when he reaches the peak of his leap. Flames trail behind him and can damage enemies that accidentally jump into them, and if they’re caught by the head they will be dragged along with Isaac for continuous damage until he slams into the floor, where they will be knocked back a very small distance. If Core is set, the dragon head will be bigger (thus having a wider catch zone), the arc will be bigger, and the landing will produce a small explosion that knocks enemies back further. Using Dragon Fume damages Isaac for 4% per use.


B: Zephyr
Isaac stands still for a second as he unleashes Zephyr, doubling his movement and attack speed for about 3-4 seconds. If Isaac is hit at any time during Zephyr’s unleash, the effect is canceled and Zephyr automatically enters standby. If Isaac successfully executes this attack, he can’t re-set any Djinn until the effects end. If he’s interrupted, A Djinn can be re-set immediately.

Side B: Death Plunge/Death Leap
If Zephyr is on standby, Isaac dashes forward and attempts to grab hold of his opponent; if he is successful, he leaps high into the air with them and comes crashing back down, very much like Kirby’s up throw. On the fall, a lightning bolt follows Isaac and his victim back down to earth, but only as an aesthetic. If Isaac fails to grab someone, he will stumble and be forced to take a second to recover; in the air, Isaac will enter a helpless state. If Zephyr is set, the dash will reach further and do more damage. Using Death Leap damages Isaac for 5% per use.

Up B: Whirlwind/Tempest
If Zephyr is on standby, Isaac creates a whirlwind around his body that lasts for about 1-2 seconds, during which Isaac can move in any direction, nearby enemies get pulled towards the whirlwind, and enemies caught in it take damage. If Zephyr is set, a pair of smaller whirlwinds circle the big one, small lightning sparks can be seen in the winds, the attack lasts a bit longer, and does a little more damage. Using Tempest damages Isaac for 3% per use.

More to follow.
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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#5

B: Shade
Shade is unleashed much like Zephyr, and has the same properties concerning its execution and re-setting. When Shade is unleashed, Isaac is given a defense boost and super armor for about 3-4 seconds.

Side B: Diamond Dust/Diamond Berg
If Shade is on standby, Isaac will hold out his hand and a shower of snow will spray out, damaging foes and possibly freezing them in a block of ice. This attack has further reach than the Ice Climbers’ similar attack, but has a further reach and only fires in one direction at a time; furthermore, Isaac’s variation lasts for a set time and does not lose its range. If Shade is set, Isaac will instead create an ice prism over the area in front of him, which crashes to the floor after it has formed. If an enemy is beneath the ice block, they will be frozen and stuck in place, and Isaac will swing his sword at his frozen foe, sending them flying away. If the attack performed in the air, the ice prism will fall forward at a 45 degree angle with Isaac latched on, and if an enemy is hit with the ice at any point in the decent, Isaac will smash them away. Note that, even if an enemy is not frozen, Isaac will still strike as if he had frozen someone, leaving himself open. Using Diamond Berg damages Isaac for 4% per use.

Up B: Douse/Deluge
If Shade is on standby, Isaac will create a raincloud beneath his feet that slowly rises forward, pouring rain beneath him that continually damages foes caught in it and dispersing once it reaches its max height; Isaac can jump off the cloud at any time as it rises, but will enter a helpless state immediately afterwards. If Isaac performs this on the ground, the cloud will be created above the ground in front of him, and slowly rise forward from there; any empty cloud can be jumped on by any character, and will act as a normal platform until it disperses. If Shade is set, the cloud will be slightly larger, rise faster and higher, and the rain will do more damage; in addition, the rain cloud will not disperse immediately after reaching its apex, instead sticking around for a small amount of time. Using Deluge damages Isaac for 3% per use.

Final Smash: Weapon Unleash / Summon
Like Isaac’s Psynergy B attacks, his final smash changes depending on whether or not his current Djinni is set or on standby, and what element he is using.

Djinni – Set: Megiddo
Isaac jumps straight up in the air and begins floating upon reaching his jump’s apex; enemies he collides with during this jump will be dragged with him. Isaac then draws in rocks in front of him, along with the enemies he collided with (who will take damage throughout the attack), until a large meteor-sized boulder hovers in front of him, which he then smashes towards the ground with his glowing sword, the angle of its launch being adjustable by holding left or right. Enemies hit as it falls will be knocked far away. Upon colliding with solid ground, the boulder begins to grind into the ground and pieces of it fly off from the collision point, damaging nearby enemies. Enemies who are caught under the boulder will be trapped and take continuous damage. After grinding a bit, the boulder will explode and launch enemies trapped inside it and enemies caught under it, as well as nearby enemies.

Still more to follow.
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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#6
Djinni – Flint on Standby: Judgment
Isaac holds his sword high in the air with both hands and glows with Venus energy, vines growing around his feet; enemies caught by these vines will be immobilized for the duration of this attack. Isaac disappears, and Judgment takes his place, flying high above the stage before preparing his cannon, firing straight down at the point where Isaac was when he initiated this attack. The cannon will explode upon reaching the point where Isaac stood, and a large explosion will erupt, sending any enemy that touches it flying. The explosion takes a bit to expand to its full radius, but that radius is huge, and on small stages it can potentially engulf the majority of the stage. When the attack ends, Isaac reappears from where he first summoned Judgment.

Djinni – Core on Standby: Daedalus
Isaac holds his sword high in the air with both hands and glows with Mars energy, and a cutscene plays where Daedalus crashes through a bunch of trees before firing its salvo of missiles, ending with an enormous rocket of an explosive. At this point, the game resumes, and a multitude of powerful missiles rain down on the stage; some of them will pass through non-solid ground, and others will not. The missiles that will pass through have a glowing green warhead, though this can be hard to tell because of their size. The missiles explode upon collision with the ground or an enemy, and foes caught by one will be damaged and knocked into the air, where they may be hit by more missiles. About 10 seconds after the salvo ends, the giant missile falls down to the center of the stage, where it will explode and deal massive damage to enemies caught in the blast, sending them flying. The explosion is big, but not as big as Judgment’s.

Djinni – Zephyr on Standby: Flora
Isaac holds his sword high in the air with both hands and glows with Jupiter energy, and Flora appears behind him in a flurry of flower petals. Flora will raise her hand and launch a flurry of flower petals in the direction that Isaac faces, which will cause continuous damage to foes caught in the spray. Once this attack ends, Flora will fire a rose bud at the nearest foe in front of her, which will explode in a wide area, doing minor damage to foes caught in the blast, but rather than knocking them back, it will put them to sleep; the closer to the blast’s epicenter a foe was, the longer that foe will be asleep.

Djinni – Shade on Standby: Azul
Isaac holds his sword high in the air with both hands and glows with Mercury energy, then holds his hand out, from which an aqua sphere emerges and travels forward slowly for a set distance, trapping any enemy it touches within itself for the rest of the attack. Once the sphere stops moving, Isaac disappears and Azul comes in from the right side of the screen, traveling straight through the sphere to the other side of the screen and damaging the trapped enemies, as well as damaging anyone who didn’t get out of the way in time and sending them flying. Once Azul disappears off the left side of the screen, a water geyser shoots up from under the stage beneath the sphere and up past the top of the screen, causing damage to and launching the foes trapped in the sphere high, as well as any foe that was above or below the sphere.
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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#7
A couple notes:

This is "version 2.0" because way back when the Brawl board got started and making movesets was a thing, I had made an Isaac moveset. Unfortunately, I lost that moveset in the annals of time and computer crashes, so this is my second crack at an Isaac moveset. Hence, 2.0

Also, while this moveset was made with Isaac in mind, it could easily work for any of Knight class adepts, meaning that technically this is a moveset for Felix and Matthew as well.
I've stopped caring about a lot of things. But not Sonic. Never Sonic. :P

User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#8
I've stopped caring about a lot of things. But not Sonic. Never Sonic. :P

User Info: Darksamus89

5 years ago#9
Whew, a long read certainly, but I think it's quite well thought and detailed. It's quite complicated, and I personally hate moves that inflict self damage, but I'd be happy if this was his move set. No character in the series has ever been quite this complicated, so I doubt it will happen, but one can always hope. Thanks for making this!
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User Info: Wetterdew

5 years ago#10
When Brawl came out I was so disappointed he wasn't playable. I really hope he is this time!!
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