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User Info: yosheta

3 months ago#1
...Is NOT playable.

User Info: guise-guise

3 months ago#2
Explain this, then.
The answer? Landorus-T.
Remember the human.

User Info: Lightflame

3 months ago#3
"Kill me. Kill me and live with the memory. Then tell the stars that you won."

User Info: Solar_Crimson

3 months ago#4
You must use the Monado's special abilities to change the future.
Be wary of boarding the hype train, lest you end up on the ruse cruise... - nanobuilder (r/nintendo)

User Info: yosheta

1 month ago#5
Ridley recently did NOT get buffs.

User Info: yosheta

1 week ago#6
Hello fam

Just letting you know that Ridley is not only not playable

He's also pretty hot regardless of him being playable or not.

User Info: TriforceX5

5 days ago#7
Ridley has a tail

I wish I had a tail
Hi! I'm Tail Lover! I really love tails and think having one would feel extremely good!
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