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  3. Is there any point in playing super smash bros wii u now that ultimate is out?

User Info: Spoopyscary

3 months ago#51
Nostalgia reasons.
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User Info: BanjoBoomer

3 months ago#52
Playing Ultimate is a different experience from playing Smash 4. In my opinion, keeping both around will always be worthwhile simply because I like both and I like having extra variety in my life.

Plus, you know, I'll always miss Twilight Princess Link and solo 'Zard.

User Info: JumpyStar

3 months ago#53
Unless you plan to do a retrospective on how the series has evolved/changed tbh. It's funny people act like they hate smash 4 now and it was this terrible game somehow. I understand it had it's problems but as of now ultimate is this game plus more. Some areas and quality of life are better in ultimate, some subjective/questionable. In the end I feel like this game will be forgotten because people aren't missing anything that isn't already in ultimate. I also feel like it lacks any real identity due to being in ultimate's shadow.

User Info: GameAW1

2 months ago#54
At the time of this comment, I feel 4 Wii U has an overall better single player experience than Ultimate primarily due to Ultimate's lack of modes and over-reliance on spirits and spirit battles. Take out anything spirit related and you only have Classic mode, Stage Builder, Training, and Multi Man Smash. 4 had all of these plus Smash Tour, Home Run Contest, Target Blast, Master and Crazy Orders, Event matches, All Star Mode, (the real one, not Multi Man Smash themed like it) Trophy Rush, hell even a few Virtual Console demos! Regardless of what one may think of any of these modes, it is an objective fact that 4 simply has more to do in Single Player than Ultimate.

That said, this is strictly as of the time of typing this, so if two years from now we get a Kirby Virtual Pet mode or something like that, I don't want this thrown in my face

User Info: PikachuMaxwell

2 months ago#55
I'll always appreciate Smash for 3DS and Wii U for solo Charizard.
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User Info: Minjinx_

1 month ago#56
Depends on the person. Some may find value in trophy hunting over spirits. Tbh the online is actually way better in Smash 4. Personally however I like Ultimate's gameplay and roster too much to go back.

User Info: Nivlax

1 month ago#57
greatdimentio posted...
Mods maybe. You can get banned for modding your Switch, not to mention SSB4 Wii U has a lifetime of mods released over the years while Ultimate is only getting started.

If you want to play with mods, then just go with Brawl. It has way more mods, and way more moddability.
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  3. Is there any point in playing super smash bros wii u now that ultimate is out?
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