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Who WON'T make it back to the next smash game?

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User Info: WickedSickJosh

3 months ago#11
I’d hate to see any character get cut but if I had to guess:

- Cloud. I can see most third-party characters returning except him. Square might have had a one-time deal with them (which would be a stupid idea)

- Ryu. Same reasons as Cloud.

- Dark Pit. He really had no reason to be a full-on seperate character in the first place.

- Roy. When it comes to originality and popularity among the FE characters I’d say Roy has to get the cut. There’s likely to be a new FE rep in the next Smash and there’s no way there’s going to be THAT many FE characters in-game.
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User Info: SmashingBros

3 months ago#12
Hard to say... I feel like they'll try to bring everyone back, but time-constraints will be the deciding factor in most cases.

-(Semi)Clones (and Jigglypuff, but she always sneaks in right at the end) are always the lowest priority, so they're probably at the biggest risk. Ganondorf is unquestionably safe, and at this point Falco more than likely is too. Toon Link is easy to make, and he's a good chunk of the Zelda universe, so he's presumably going to stay. Roy and Lucas came back because they're so popular, so they're probably be okay as well. As for the other three, Dark Pit's the easiest to make (even if he doesn't make it, he'll pull an Alph,) followed by Doc, but Lucina is super popular (especially compared to the former two,) so we'll see what happens with them.
-It seems like some hoops had to be jumped to get Cloud, so of all of the third parties, he's probably in the most danger.
-Mega Man and Ryu are kind of in it together since in the end it comes down to Capcom, but I think they'll be okay. Pac is assured if Namco helps again, it's only if they don't that he seems to be at risk. Sonic and Bayonetta are the only ones that I'm 100% sure on returning given their strong ties to Nintendo and having the same company own both (they're not going to get one and not the other,) not to mention one being a two-time veteran and the other being the ballot winner.
-Corrin had a fairly negative reception compared to most of the other newcomers, but we'll see. Fates was a big success, and their unique playstyle could pull them through (or impede them depending on when they start work on them)
-I want to say Wii Fit Trainer, Greninja, Robin, and Duck Hunt are safe, but I worry. It's like Ike, Lucario, and R.O.B. in Smash 4: They'll probably come back (they certainly have no reason not to,) but I don't think they're as definite as a lot of the roster until they prove that they can.
-Bowser Jr. is more than likely safe, but if he's last-second again, I could see the Koopalings taking the hit.
-Miis are kind of past their prime, but I don't want to write them off entirely since they are still around, just to a lesser extent
-Palutena is probably safe (definitely if Sakurai directs,) but I irrationally worry since she was my most-wanted. Not sure what will happen with her Customs though.

Everyone else I feel is coming back for sure.
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User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

3 months ago#13
Shulk and Greninja are extremely safe, TC seems to think half the newcomers will be cut.
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User Info: LysanderxX

3 months ago#14
Donut007 posted...
So many characters I wish would get cut won't.

I'm guessing you aren't the greatest with your best character?

Edgelord1997 posted...
Hmm if i had to guess

Roy - he's a clone
Corrin - a character that no one asked for and was hated for being another fire emblem rep
Dark pit - maybe turned as a alt costume
Lucina - same with D. Pit
Dr. Mario - same with D. Pit
Charizard - Don't know just guessing
Cloud - One time thing
Ryu - one time thing
Mega Man - one time thing
Pac - man - one time thing

Corrin is pretty well loved by many. I've met people who ONLY use him and never touch anyone else. He's also entirely different from other FE characters, so there's no need for him to go.

I also see more people play as Lucina than Marth, and it's not like Marth is going anywhere, so they'll probably both stick around. With luck, Lucina and Marth may become more different, like with how Ike = Roy in the games where they switched existence, but in Wii U, they're quite different.

Charizard is Pokemon and unique, so if anything, they'd keep all the current Pokemon and add more.

I'd love to see Cloud again, but if he's in, it's only because FFVII still hasn't been released, and SquareEnix is still vying for publicity. So probably not.

I think too many people like Megaman for him to be gone. And since Nintendo and Capcom are like best buds, I wouldn't be surprised if they make another deal.
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User Info: Muffinz0rz

3 months ago#15
Pat Benatar, probably
Not removing this until Pat Benatar is in Super Smash Bros. (Started 8/31/2010)
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User Info: Eyemeralds

3 months ago#16
Expecting Roy, Lucas, Ryu, and Cloud to go, Ryu to a lesser amount. I'll even say Mega Man because Vapcom is crazy sometimes.. But they're almost equally likely to stay.
Dr. Mario and Dark Pit will stay as alt selections of their originals.
Lucina will probably made a semiclone, but not have Aether because that's Ike's attack aka Sakurai logic.
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User Info: NewDonker

3 months ago#17
If corrin isn’t cut then Sakurai doesn’t pay attention to fans at all
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