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Would you replace Corrin with this Fire Emblem character? Day 134: Desaix

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  3. Would you replace Corrin with this Fire Emblem character? Day 134: Desaix

User Info: SirRobX

5 months ago#1
A treacherous knight of Zofia. - Results (12 votes)
Yes, replace Corrin with Desaix.
41.67% (5 votes)
No, keep Corrin.
58.33% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Every day, using a complex algorithm of my own creation, I will randomly generate a Fire Emblem character. GameFAQs will vote and see if said Fire Emblem character would replace Corrin.
Yesterday, Roshea from Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem narrowly beat Corrin by a single point. One reason folks preferred him over Corrin was:

"He's a better Corrin"
Today we are voting for Desaix, a Baron from Gaiden and Echoes.

I voted no.
Results (Last 20 Days)
Archived Results:

Day 114: Old Hubba (Tie, 5 - 5) "Hoo! it's hotter'n Elfire in here!"
Day 115: Natasha (Win, 8 - 3) "One of my best units from Sacred Stones? Yes please!"
Day 116: Narcian (Win, 11 - 1) "Of course, Narcian is the only good choice for Smash. Him! No one else!"
Day 117: Rahna (Win, 4 - 3) "Yes, but what the dink would her moveset be?"
Day 118: Lundgren (Tie, 4 - 4) "I legitimately hated Lundgren during my playthrough."
Day 119: Duessel (Win, 13 - 4) "Duessel is a literal war machine"
Day 120: Melady (Win, 10 - 2) "Yes just for that awesome armor design alone! Sorry Cormag I think I have a new favorite Wyvern Rider."
Day 121: Volke (Win, 8 - 2) "I'd much prefer the badass assassin over that fake dragon abomination."
Day 122: Lute (Win, 17 - 0) "Superior"
Day 123: Amy (Win, 6 - 2) "Aww what a cutie pie!"
Day 124: Guinevere (Win, 9 - 2) "The sister of BEST ANTAGONIST? s*** yeah. She could do sweet light magic n' all that."
Day 125: Lucius (Win, 10 - 4) "I activate my trap card"
Day 126: Orson (Win, 8 - 5) "Orson is willing to go against everything in the name of love. That's some devotion, alright. He is also one of the villains with a good backstory and you can kind of sympathise with the guy. Kind of."
Day 127: Hector (Win, 19 - 6) "Should have been in Smash already to be quite honest."
Day 128: Kuen Tarachino (Lose, 3 - 8) "Oh boy a Tarantino pun haha so funny... yeah, no."
Day 129: Geoffrey (Win, 10 - 2) "Hell yeah, dude's basically Ephraim-lite"
Day 130: Bord (Lose, 7 - 9) "Bord? More like I'm Bored!"
Day 131: Jedah (Win, 5 - 3) "Dude's voiced by the joker. Taking him for that alone."
Day 132: Noah (Lose, 4 - 5) "Oh yeah I remember this guy. Too bad it took a while before I did. The answer is no."
Day 133: Roshea (Win, 5 - 4)
3DS: 3394-4061-9856 / NNID: SirRobX

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

5 months ago#2
No. Why you ask? Because no.
"I am the wind. And the wind... you can't kill." - Mifune (Way of the Samurai 2)
The official Sun Wukong of all boards relevant

User Info: xXgarchompxX

5 months ago#3
Desaix is broken but cheesable.
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User Info: brawl__08

5 months ago#4
Cartoony villain who's so shallow that it makes Corrin look like a good character. In other words he's like any other villain in Echoes.


User Info: SirRobX

5 months ago#5
He is not a dude I would want to chillax with

Aww, no, that's too mean, I'd chillax with him
3DS: 3394-4061-9856 / NNID: SirRobX

User Info: PlasmaCannon

5 months ago#6
Get this overweight f*** out of my face.
Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.
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  3. Would you replace Corrin with this Fire Emblem character? Day 134: Desaix

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