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Bayonetta will never be cut now.

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User Info: Oil_Panic

5 months ago#1
Not only was Bayonetta 2 published by Nintendo
Not only was Bayonetta the ballot winner

But now her third game is Switch exclusive:
"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."
- God-like being, Futurama

User Info: Da_Boomb

5 months ago#2

User Info: JoyfulFireball

5 months ago#3
sometimes we're just a little sad

User Info: SmashingBros

5 months ago#4
YOOOO, and 1 and 2 ports!
*horrible bird imitations*

User Info: Solar_Crimson

5 months ago#5
Well, even without Bayonetta 3, it wouldn't make much sense to go to Sega for Sonic while also not negotiating for Bayonetta while there as well.

User Info: BonziKong

5 months ago#6
holy s*** we're getting bayonetta 3?!
Bonzi is a verified good boy

User Info: albertojz356

5 months ago#7
Da_Boomb posted...
Here we go, off the rails.

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

5 months ago#8
albertojz356 posted...
Da_Boomb posted...
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User Info: Triforceformer

5 months ago#9
8 years ago, would any one have possibly guessed that Bayonetta would become exclusive to Nintendo's stable and a part of the Smash Bros roster?

8 years ago people probably thought the game just did well enough for a sequel a couple years later, that maybe would run ok on PS3 this time.
TC is trying way too hard. You have to be more subtle with your initial trolling effort, then let it escalate. Look at what saLUEtes does and copy him. - arleas

User Info: Supersonic_Pain

5 months ago#10
Yeah, I guessed Bayo would come back because of winning the Ballot, but this confirms it. I think Mega Man is mostly confirmed because Mega Man 11 is coming out as well.
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