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YR: No new IPs are represented in Smash Switch, but...

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User Info: Lasatar

4 months ago#1
Every currently represented series gets every single possible rep included in the game.

Clone characters are alternate costumes unless their play style would be substantially different, though (e.g. most Fire Emblem Lords share the same spot on the roster).
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User Info: PK_Water

4 months ago#2
What are the limits?
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User Info: Lasatar

4 months ago#3
PK_Water posted...
What are the limits?

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User Info: HerbalTea

4 months ago#4
Black Knight?
Sign me up.
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User Info: Eyemeralds

4 months ago#5
>not getting new characters to be based on their different gameplay mechanics
>getting characters from exhausted series

At least this is a good YR and not "you get everything you want by magic with no strings attached" == ==
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User Info: psychoboo13

4 months ago#6
Word I finally get lyn
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User Info: Doug314

4 months ago#7
We'd get a FE character with every single different weapon type from FE. That alone is probably enough to make it good. There's also a pretty wide array of characters from some other IPs such as Pokemon, Sonic and Final Fantasy, although it would be ridiculously many 3rd party characters.

Good thing TC just said represented, which I feel technically even Mii costumes count as representation. Therefore, we could get stuff like Splatoon anyways, so not even a very big loss compared to if we did get all new IPs.

User Info: Supersonic_Pain

4 months ago#8
That seems impossible. I mean, for Fire Emblem and Pokemon alone, that'd be 40 or so.
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User Info: GuyKopski

4 months ago#9
It would be absolutely ridiculous not to take this if we could. Literally hundreds or thousands of characters added, in exchange for what? No Splatoon or Arms? Who the hell would even care?
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  3. YR: No new IPs are represented in Smash Switch, but...

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