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Serious talk: who do you think will be made playable in Smash for Switch?

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User Info: Lasatar

4 months ago#11
Eyemeralds posted...
Lasatar posted...

>no Koei Tecmo
Why do you do this? Not only do they have a pretty good partnership since Other M & two trophies in Smash, but one of gaming's retro icons!

Welp. The only one of their games I've played is Dynasty Warriors, so I didn't know what reps they'd bring.
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User Info: Doug314

4 months ago#12
Ugh, people still insist on a port? There will be no port, just a whole new game. Also the 3DS didn't hold back the Wii U version at all lol. But that aside, we'll probably get:

- Ice Climbers
- Wolf
- Inklings
- Spring Man
- Gen 8 Pokemon
- Some Xenoblade character.
- New FE Lord
- King K. Rool
- New 3rd Party character
- Some new Mario character (Toad, Daisy, Waluigi, Paper Mario, etc.)

User Info: SmashingBros

4 months ago#13
The only ones I'm confident in are Inklings, Ice Climbers, and a new Pokemon. Maybe a new Xenoblade character (Rex/Pyra?) as well.
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User Info: DOTBHDD

4 months ago#14
Inkling, for sure. but i hope Shantae gets in due to history and relevancy as an indie.

User Info: Assassin2713

4 months ago#15
Spring Man
Ice Climbers
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User Info: AnimePikachu25

4 months ago#16
I wanna say Bandana Dee but people tell me there should only be three kirby characters because other kirby characters would be clones or not interesting and I want to prove them wrong there can be a good 4th kirby character. Also when I mean people, I mean people I talk to where I live.
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User Info: ThatAnvil

4 months ago#17
Doug314 posted...
3DS didn't hold back the Wii U version at all lol

Ice Climbers.
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User Info: Dark_Zoroark

4 months ago#18
Ice Climbers
Probably Snake
Ivysaur or maybe Gen 6/7 Grass type
Spring Man/Ribbon Girl/ARMS character in general

Impa maybe? (She got some votes on the ballot)
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User Info: TheShadowMan683

4 months ago#19
Personally, I think there's really not a lot of characters that are absolutely needed for the next Smash game, almost all of Nintendo's all-stars are represented by now.

Here's who I think are definite shoo-ins:

Inkling: Splatoon is quickly becoming one of Nintendo's most popular series in the 2-3 years it's existed. They would be idiots to not represent it in the next Smash bros.

Ice Climbers: One of the most unique cut characters to date. They were most likely only cut because of limitations on the 3DS and 8 player smash, which would definitely be fixed and allow them to come back on the Switch.

Gen 7/ Gen 8 Pokemon: So far every Smash game has represented the newest gen of pokemon to come out at the time. With Pichu (and kinda Mewtwo) in Melee, Lucario in Brawl, and Greninja in WiiU/3DS. It all depends on when the next game comes out really because it seems they skip a gen every game. Repping gen 1, 2, 4, and 6 while skipping 3, 5, and possibly 7. I would personally love to see Decidueye as he would round out the "starter trio", but we'll most likely get a starter or legendary from gen 8.

These guys are characters I'm still a little iffy on, but would not be surprised if they ended up being in the next Smash:

Spring Man/ARMS rep: This one really depends on if ARMS becomes popular enough to warrant a character in Smash. It would be a great series to represent, but currently I feel like it's not carrying enough momentum to be popular enough like Splatoon was around this time.

Takamaru: If the next game gets a new retro rep, Takamaru is probably the number one candidate for it. It could possibly fight for the spot with Excite Bike (which would be equally as awesome), but I think it has a leg up on it, especially with Excite Bike losing its Assist Trophy status.

Travis Touchdown: Almost every No More Heroes game has been on a Nintendo console, with a new one being released on the Switch next year. Travis is definitely an "underground" Nintendo all-star and is the best example (other than, recently, Bayonetta) of a mature, mainly Nintendo-based series. Suda-51 is hoping the new Switch game brings enough popularity to the series to warrant more games, which will make it an even bigger Nintendo series. He's also been very vocal about wanting Travis in Smash himself and is purposely designing the new game with simple controls to show Sakurai that Travis could control simply in Smash as well. He also helped a little on the development of Brawl (his name is in the special thanks credits).
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User Info: PokeLover1993

4 months ago#20
I hope for Waluigi!
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