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why isn't castle siege a legal stage?

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  3. why isn't castle siege a legal stage?

User Info: bigpoppapat

7 months ago#1
just curious. it was legal for brawl if i remember correctly. and smash 4 doesn't have chain grabs so the 2nd phase of the stage is not even as big of a threat to get chained beyond the blast zones.

User Info: Oil_Panic

7 months ago#2
Castle Siege was formerly included in rulesets as a counterpick, due to chaingrabs being non-existent and therefore not being abusable on the walk-off edges on the second level. However, as the second level's statues severely increased hitlag and blocked projectiles, and the second level itself had a massive top blast line and greatly benefitted characters with notoriously bad recoveries (such as Little Mac), it was seen as too strong of a counterpick and has been banned in major rulesets since GENESIS 3.
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  3. why isn't castle siege a legal stage?

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