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I had a Smash Bros dream last night!

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User Info: barrabaCHHS

6 months ago#1
Details are little foggy, as they are with dreams, but I'll give my best explanation I can

Basically it was in the form of a Nintendo Direct, and Smash was announced, it was a port of the Wii U game, which annoyed me because I wanted something brand new. The early bits are foggy. I remember them showing a stage from Odyssey, don't remember what. I think they mentioned every stage from both Wii U and Brawl would return (not 3DS), I think it has more stuff Brawl, but I'm pretty there was the Brawl CSS (or something similar looking) and snake was selected.

They also showed off a Vah Medoh stage, but I think it was more a part of its own sort of mode where you had to collect 5 scrolls and you could change Medohs angle like the original game (but it didn't look that necessary) I think that was done by flip switching.

Then I think came the newcomer flames, and first thing we see Wario Man flying, I immediately thought Ashley. However he came across a bunch of characters falling (mostly Mario characters) first one to catch my eye was Waluigi, trying to catch the attention of Wario/audience. Wario sort of commentates the scene and introduces the new characters.

Three Mario characters. First one Wario introduces if the duo of Baby Mario and Baby Peach. They were in Baby Marios kart from Double Dash. There wasn't any splash or anything, no newcomer had anything special.

Don't actually remember the second, but I don't think it was anyone like Toad, King Boo, Daisy, Paper Mario or Geno. I think it had to be someone I neither liked or disliked.

Then Wario gave Waluigi some spotlight.

Next was a Rabbid, moans. Then a Rabbid Sakurai appears and bwahing a Rabbid Iwata is just off to the side. (Around now I realized this scene was similar to the Mario + Rabbids opening)

And thats all I remember, I think there was more to it.
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User Info: M_Jackson007

6 months ago#2
Hey, I have Smash dreams every now and then too! Weird things like Mario using Falcon Punch or just a match that never ends until I wake up.
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User Info: Eyemeralds

6 months ago#3
The last one I had was just an Ice Climber announcement (this was back before Little Mac was revealed). It was just a simple post though, and it looked like Brawl's Dojo. No text either.

I'm sure if the dream continued, they would have been an assist or stage element. == ==
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User Info: DarthDestro

6 months ago#4
One time i was in the game and i could use a super falcon punch to cover the whole stage and OHKO the enemy

Good times
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