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Would you replace Corrin with this Fire Emblem character? Day 55: Innes

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User Info: SirRobX

4 months ago#1
The prince of Frelia. Hes brash and arrogant, but good at heart. - Results (26 votes)
Yes, replace Corrin with Innes.
84.62% (22 votes)
No, keep Corrin.
15.38% (4 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Every day, using a complex algorithm of my own creation, I will randomly generate a Fire Emblem character. GameFAQs will vote and see if said Fire Emblem character would replace Corrin.
Yesterday, Berkut from Echoes destroyed Corrin with a twelve point lead. Reasons cited for his placement over Corrin included:

"If I said that I wouldn't, that would be lies, lies, lies, LIES! UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Today we are voting for Innes, a Sniper from the Sacred Stones.

I voted yes.
Day 1: Norne (Win, 9 - 5) "Sure I'd welcome an archer."
Day 2: Forsyth (Win, 13 - 10) "Only if he says 'I'm a Forsyth to be reckoned with!' when he wins."
Day 3: Barst (Win, 17 - 11) "Smash does not have enough pirate woodcutters yet."
Day 4: Faye (Win, 19 - 16) "She's such a meme to me that it'd be hilarious messing around as her."
Day 5: Clarine (Win, 18 - 2) "Clarine is one of the prime examples of the uppity troubadour. Bless her for it"
Day 6: Yen'fay (Win, 16 - 15) "Yen'fay was pretty cool."
Day 7: Marcus (Win, 14 - 9) "Marcus is best Jagen."
Day 8: Gordin (Win, 14 - 4) "Gordin is the first archer in the series and that alone makes him more deserving than Corrin"
Day 9: Harken (Win, 17 - 7) "Harken was always pretty interesting to me."
Day 10: Andorey (Win, 11 - 7) "Definitely not my first pick for a Jugdral villain but he actually gets s*** done."
Day 11: Lewyn (Win, 12 - 9) "Levin is one of the coolest bards in FE and arguably his gig in Gen 2 is super memorable."
Day 12: Tanith (Win, 18 - 2) "Hell yes! Tanith is easily one of my favourite Tellius units."
Day 13: Ena (Win, 13 - 5) "At least she actually looks like a Dragon when she transforms."
Day 14: Nergal (Win, 13 - 3) "He's a villain that uses dark magic, that automatically makes him better in my eyes."
Day 15: Raydrick (Win, 11 - 2) "He comes with the Loptyr Sword which could make him an interesting debuffer swordfighter."
Day 16: Sophie (Win, 15 - 10) "The sunderer of seams? She who rides the devil in horse form? Of course I would."
Day 17: Lloyd (Win, 23 - 7) "Lloyd is a cool guy who brings about justice no matter your standing"
Day 18: Ronan (Win, 9 - 5) "Heh, the archer who wants to be a mage. Sure, why not"
Day 19: Keaton (Win, 14 - 8) "Keaton is pretty useful in Conquest"
Day 20: Rickard (Win, 11 - 6) "Well I suppose I can squint my eyes and pretend he's Dew."
Day 21: Phila (Win, 11 - 9) "Phila is one of the only Awakening characters whose death did stick"
Day 22: Kjelle (Lose, 6 - 8) "Kjelle looks ugly as sin and her mother wasn't very likable either."
Day 23: Nah (Win, 11 - 3) "Nah is a better character than her mother."
Day 24: Silas (Win, 13 - 5) "Silas is a bro."
Day 25: Donnel (Win, 14 - 4) "GlT REDDY"
3DS: 3394-4061-9856 / NNID: SirRobX

User Info: SirRobX

4 months ago#2
Day 26: Morgan (Win, 16 - 4) "Definitely if they keep the flamingo punch"
Day 27: Fuga (Win, 7 - 3) "It's time to get on Mr. Fuga's Wild Ride"
Day 28: Wade (Win, 8 - 7) "I don't even remember Wade, but, dunno, I'd take any axe/lance by this point."
Day 29: Selkie (Win, 15 - 14) "More likeable than Corrin, she dodges literally everything, and she's also kinda cute."
Day 30: Julian (Win, 13 - 3) "It's hard to say no to a guy who defined an FE archetype."
Day 31: Wil (Win, 12 - 4) "This dude is an archer, and probably the first one many people had in the series."
Day 32: Luthier (Win, 13 - 3) "Easy Pickings."
Day 33: Azama (Win, 13 - 7) "Voting Azama because he's one of the best from Fates."
Day 34: Barthe (Win, 9 - 6) "He's the knightiest knight that ever knighted"
Day 35: Clarisse (Win, 14 - 5) "Holy cow what an awesome design this character has AND she's an archer? Bye Corrin."
Day 36: Leila (Win, 13 - 5) "Yes, she and Matthew were the first video game characters to make me cry"
Day 37: Tiki=Waifu (Win, 18 - 15) "I'd replace Corrin with the title screen if that was an option."
Day 38: Tiki (Win, 28 - 2) "A dragon character that doesn't gross me out unlike Corrin? Yes, please!"
Day 39: Jubelo (Win, 8 - 7) "I'll take the mage prince over the crying one"
Day 40: Reinhardt (Win, 21 - 4) "Magic is everything!"
Day 41: Uhai (Win, 12 - 3) "Uhai is one of the few times I actually found myself thinking over my moves in FE7. Good times."
Day 42: Azura (Win, 28 - 7) "If we had to have a Fates main character, it should have been her, not Corrin. Plus, lances."
Day 43: Camus (Win, 18 - 3) "Camus started one of the greatest archetypes in FE history."
Day 44: Dorias (Win, 7 - 5) "Dorias is only a letter away from Dorcas. Got my vote!"
Day 45: Etzel (Win, 9 - 6) "I remember him because his name rhymes with Pretzel. Yes"
Day 46: Azmur (Lose, 5 - 7) "There are cooler bedridden reps to be had."
Day 47: Nobu Horinozawa (Lose, 2 - 10) "RNG has certainly been picking lousy characters these past days."
Day 48: Radd (Win, 8 - 7) "He's pretty Radd"
Day 49: Linus (Win, 16 - 5) "Mad dog > crying deer"
Day 50: Ryan (Win, 8 - 6) "Anyone from the 7th Platoon"
Day 51: Niles (Win, 11 - 10) "OOOOOOOH YES~"
Day 52: Lowen (Tie, 8 - 8) "Lowen has the best eyes."
Day 53: Dara (Lose, 5 - 6) "I have no idea who she is, I don't remember seeing her. Corrin may stay for this one"
Day 54: Berkut (Win, 17 - 5)
3DS: 3394-4061-9856 / NNID: SirRobX

User Info: NE_OC

4 months ago#3
Hell yes Innes
Mario/Yoshi main in Smash 4 -But first, we need to talk about parallel universes
Official Scathach of the Fate/GrandOrder board~

User Info: Average_Owain

4 months ago#4
Wow, I’ve lost more times than Corrin at this point.
- Bowser, Mario and Luigi: BIS

User Info: BonziKong

4 months ago#5
Hell yeah I want Archer Seto Kaiba
Bonzi is a verified good boy

User Info: brawl__08

4 months ago#6
After yesterday's piece of garbage it's nice to have an arrogant character who's actually good as an option.

User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 months ago#7
Hell no. Didn't like this guy at all in Sacred Stones plus Neimi was the far better archer.
Don't forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

User Info: SirRobX

4 months ago#8
PlasmaCannon posted...
Hell no. Didn't like this guy at all in Sacred Stones plus Neimi was the far better archer.
I've looked at tier lists just now-- some had Neimi near the top, some near the bottom... I suppose it depends on what you use to determine rankings.
3DS: 3394-4061-9856 / NNID: SirRobX

User Info: BonziKong

4 months ago#9
I'll give you a Bonzi tip and trik:

If any tier list has Amelia not at the very top it's sickening and wrong to it's core. Don't trust any of those.
Bonzi is a verified good boy

User Info: Makio

4 months ago#10
absolutely, i love innes

anyone who votes no is dead to me
i'm breathing life or death, are we making progress?
not really sure this time
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