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Insult your most liked character

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User Info: blueman164

6 months ago#31
Well, my favorite is Corrin so I'll do one for both genders.

Male Corrin's voice is super annoying.

Female Corrin doesn't have enough good color schemes.
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User Info: EarthBoundNess

6 months ago#32
Winning won't bring Claus back
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User Info: Falchion92

6 months ago#33
Lucina is female Marth and has no boobs.
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User Info: TheAbyss

6 months ago#34
Like Rose said, Diddy's recovery is junk but he needs a notable weakness so I can accept it.

Marth was garbage before the patches.
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User Info: Skittycream

6 months ago#35
Zelda free falling after a side special in the air needs to not be a thing.
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User Info: JoojToranja

6 months ago#36
1-Winning will not bring Claus back!
2-Jigglypuff has a terrible range and isn't competitive viable.
3-The Mii I use as Brawler looks nothing like his real life counterpart.
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User Info: archidus

6 months ago#37
I mean, whose idea was to add such a flat character?

And I'm not talking about Lucina.
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