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List of tips, tricks, and advice for every character. Basic and advanced techs.

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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

2 years ago#11
Uair - One of his main combo starters. At low percents, it links into Utilt and Usmash, At mid to high percents, it links into his aerials.

Dthrow - Another great combo starter. Can link into his reverse Bair, Nair, Dash Attack, Fair, Down B, and Blaster at certain percents.

Fair - If you land with Fair, you have some combo potential afterwards, but this is usually limited to either a Down B or Blaster followup. At lower percents, it can link into a Dash Attack. And if you are really lucky, it can link into another Fair. Either way, don't really rely on any of these besides his Blaster at mid percents and up.

Nair - Nair has a windbox that pulls opponents towards it, though this windbox is very small and will only usually affect opponents being stuck by it. It also hits on frame 3, always sends the opponent forwards even if they're hit by the rear hitboxes, leads into combos, only has 15 frames of ending lag, and deals a solid 11% damage. A really good aerial all-around! Some weaknesses it has are a small hitbox around Falco, and it doesn't have a ground hitbox upon landing.

Down B - Hits on frame 5, has great range, and has a chance to trip the opponent. It can even be used as a combo ender in certain situations. The only issues it has are a small hitbox, and a FAF of 51.

Bair - Hits on frame 4, deals 13% damage, and only has 15 frames of landing lag. A solid aerial all-around.

Usmash - Falco's smash attack of choice. Hits on frame 7, and unlike Fox's Usmash, it actually hits twice. And thanks to the recent buff, it has even stronger KO potential now.

Side B - Fox can do this too, but if you use Side B immediately out of a shorthop, you will reduce some of the move's ending lag. Additionally, if you run off of an edge, and then immediately Side B back to the stage, you will reduce the ending lag even further. And finally, if you are aiming to grab the ledge, and the opponent is near it/holding on to it, hold the control stick down after pressing Side B. Because of this, you won't immediately grab the ledge, but you have a chance to spike your opponent instead. Just be sure to let go of down after the animation ends, otherwise you'll fall...

Dtilt - Although it comes out on frame 7, it has a FAF of only 19, making the move very safe to throw out.

Usmash - Usmash is powerful, dealing 14% damage and KOing decently early (105%). It also comes out on frame 10, and only has a FAF of 45. Overall pretty solid.

Short Hop - Besides Fair's low landing lag of 15, all of Pikachu's aerials have a long amount of landing lag to them. Thankfully though, they can all be done immediately out of a shorthop, and the animation will end before landing. Which is great for increasing Pikachu's safety.

Nair - Hits on frame 3, deals a decent 8% damage, and the hitbox lasts for about 18 frames.

Bair - Although it looks absurd, and it has a ton of ending lag, Bair is surprisingly good. It hits on frame 4, and it's main use is for edgeguarding. As in, you can Bair the opponent into the side of the stage in order to stagespike them in most cases. Which is pretty awesome. It's also good for catching airdodges because it lasts so long. And although the landing lag is bad, it has a ground hitbox, so you're not completely vulnerable afterwards.

Dair - Although it is 10 frames slower than Bair, it can be used as a replacement Bair in certain situations. It deals 12% damage, has a lingering hitbox of 13 frames, and the animation ends before landing (unlike Bair). And lastly, you can fastfall the move at any point so that the ground hitbox will come out which deals 4% damage and can be linked into after the first hit. Just be careful of the nasty landing lag of 40 afterwards...

Up B - You can reduce ending lag by dashing into the ground, or sliding off of an edge/platform.

Uthrow - Can combo into Down B at high percents for KOs.
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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

2 years ago#12
Jab - Charizard's jab combo is actually pretty good. Links into itself reliably and smoothly, comes out on frame 4 (not the fastest but fast enough, especially for a heavyweight), deals 12% damage, and sends the opponent up. It just feels good to use in general.

Usmash - This is actually his 2nd fastest attack on the ground. Hits on frame 6-7, deals 16% damage, KOs, and his wings are invulnerable. Very solid.

Dthrow - Charizard's combo throw. Can link into Usmash at low percents, Fair at low-mid percents, and Uair at mid-high percents. Can also link into Up B, as well.

Uthrow - One of the best KO throws in the game, along with Mewtwo. Although Mewtwo's is stronger, Charizard has the advantage overall, as his Uthrow can drag opponents to the uppermost platform before sending them flying, which allows for much earlier KOs.

Fair - Charizard's main spacing tool. Immediately use it out of a shorthop to not suffer any landing lag. It comes out on frame 8, and deals 11% damage.

Nair - Charizard's other aerial that can quickly be used during a shorthop. It hits one frame later and deals less damage, but the animation lasts MUCH longer, and is useful for hitting opponents above and sometimes behind him, as opposed to in front of him.

Up B - Hits on frame 9, has super armor that lasts from frames 4-15, deals 17% damage, and can KO. One of Charizard's best and most important moves overall.

Down B - Always use a short hop before initiating this move on the ground, because it allows you to slide a small distance with it if you do so, which increases the chances of all of the rocks hitting. This move's super armor lasts from frame 5-25. 1 frame slower than Up B, but lasts 10 frames longer.

Dair - Hits on frame 4, making it the fastest Dair in the game besides Meta Knight's Dair. It also halts your aerial mobility instantly.

Side B - The command grab version of this move activates on frame 9. 3 frames slower than his standing grab, and 1 frame slower than his dash grab. Keep this in mind when using the move.

Neutral B - Lucario has one of the best B-Reverse/Wavebounce neutral specials in the game with Aura Sphere, so I highly recommend that you learn these techniques if you use this character. Anyways though, even with no Aura or rage, the uncharged version of this attack deals 4% damage. Yes, those minuscule spheres do that much damage...more than twice the damage that Mewtwo's does by comparison (counting decimals). Furthermore, while B-Reversing or Wavebouncing, Lucario will "float away" a fair distance, and this is especially noticeable while wavebouncing the move. When you land, you can immediately roll, shield, or use an OoS attack/jump to cancel the charging animation. This is further supplemented by Lucario's quick rolls. Plus, because the charging animation has an active hitbox, this makes this trick even safer. And if all of that wasn't good enough for you, Lucario can still float the same distance even when his Neutral B is fully charged, and his Aura mechanic can beef up the Aura Sphere's strength. Use this technique to confuse, harass, and punish your opponent while mixing up your Fair/Nair/Bair approaches.

Nair - Speaking of which, this move has ridiculously low landing lag. Only 9 frames! And while it doesn't come out super quick, it still comes out at a respectable frame 8. Meaning that it is pretty safe to throw out. However, one problem with the move is that there is a huge gap between the first and second hits. Hit 1 lasts from frame 8-11, while Hit 2 lasts from frame 22-29. You might notice this when trying to fastfall the move, only for it to miss the opponent. Which is unfortunate, because this move would be so much better otherwise.

Bair - Although this move comes out at a really sluggish frame 16, it is also really strong, and only has 15 frames of landing lag. Making the move safe on shield if spaced.
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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

2 years ago#13
Dash Attack - Your main attack on the ground. Comes out on frame 5, which is just as fast as her Jab. It has a lingering hitbox until frame 20, it deals 12% damage (sourspot is 8% and starts on frame 10), and it can even KO at later percents. Plus, it travels a very large distance to boot. It pretty much outclasses every other ground move that she has in almost every single regard. So you are going to be using this...a lot.

Ftilt - She does have a few other noteworthy moves on the ground, though. Just not nearly as noteworthy as her Dash Attack. Anyways...Ftilt hits on frame 7, deals 10% damage, and has a passable FAF of 28. The low range hurts it, though.

Utilt - Also passable, by Jigglypuff's ground standards. It combos into itself and into aerials at low percents, which is alright. But the low range, and the fact that it hits on frame 9, limits its usefulness.

Jab 1 - Although the range is abysmal, and it is surprisingly slower than it seems (frame 5), it has a low FAF of 17. Which can sometimes be used to trick the opponent by doing Jab 1 -> Grab/Down B/etc instead of Jab 2, though this is not guaranteed because it lacks hitstun. As long as you don't rely on it, it can sometimes be useful in a pinch. Oh, and Jab 2 has a FAF of 20, btw.

Grab - Besides Dash Attack, this is probably where you are going to deal the bulk of your damage on the ground. Her throws all deal 10% damage, and she has one of the best pummels in the entire game. You should save Uthrow for later percents though, as it can potentially KO. Anyways, because her standing grab comes out on frame 6, and her dash grab comes out on frame 8, it makes it among her fastest options to use on the ground. But, as you might have guessed, the range sucks. So yeah.

FHAD (Full Hop Air Dodge) - Now, we'll move on to Jigglypuff's positives. Her aerial mobility is widely known as one of her best attributes. However, unlike most characters, her FHAD is overall better than her SHAD, as it allows her to throw out Fair/Bair/Uair/etc as opposed to just Nair. This gives Jigglypuff a nice retreating option with a counterattack at the end, and this can also be used to approach sometimes.

SHAD - Her SHAD is still useful though, as she can still use her specials before landing. The main ones being her famous Pound and Rest. The former can break shields, and the later can destroy unlucky foes at really low percents. However, for both her SHAD and FHAD, just remember that she isn't invincible until frame 4. Meaning that really quick moves can still hit her out of it. So be careful.

Nair - Not only does it last forever, it hits on frame 6, deals 11% damage, and only has 15 frames of landing lag. Its range is still very poor, but because of Jigglypuff's ability to dodge-&-weave in the air, and with how long the hitbox lasts, this move is still an excellent defensive tool overall. And it can catch airdodges really well.

Fair - Surprisingly 2% damage weaker than Nair, doesn't KO as early, the hitbox doesn't last as long, and it hits 2 frames slower by comparison. What gives? Well, that's the cost you have to pay for having additional range, unfortunately. Still, animation-wise, you have to admit that this looks a little silly on paper.

Bair - A powerful aerial that KOs at around 110%. this also has the most horizontal range out of her aerials, making it very safe on shield (also including the hitstun of the move). However, this comes with the price of hitting at frame 12. Still, save this for when you need it, as it is one of the easiest ways that Jigglypuff can dispatch her opponents with.

Dair - Use this from a full hop, because otherwise, you are going to suffer 30 frames of ending lag, and the final hit won't come out unless you float off of the stage or a platform.

Uair - Useful for combos at low-mid percents. Can lead into other aerials, or even a Down B if you are lucky!

Rest - Hits on frame 2. Inv on 1-27.
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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

2 years ago#14
Sneaky! - Greninja can use Shadow Sneak to help him escape certain moves and combos. Rather than explain it myself, here you go:

Walking - Greninja has the 4th best walking speed in the game, which helps supplement his spacing game greatly. Especially with relatively speedy and long ranged moves like Ftilt and Fsmash. Or his respectable 3 frame jab.

Slippery? - Even better, unlike the other fastest walkers in the game, Greninja can slide a small distance with most of his ground attacks during a walk. The main ones to note are Ftilt and Dtilt. The former having even more incredible range, and the later being a combo starter.

Ftilt - Hits on frame 10. Again, it is relatively speedy for the huge range it has, but it isn't super fast either. Great as a long ranged poke, but you will lose CQC wars if you try to throw it out.

Dtilt - Hits on frame 5, which is alright. Combos into itself or Jab 1 at low percents. Combos into Ftilt (angled up) at mid percents. Combos into Utilt and Usmash at higher percents. And combos into Fair at really high percents.

Dash Attack - Hits on frame 9, which is one frame faster than Ftilt. And they both have the same FAF (frame 33). Combos into Fair at mid-high percents.

Fsmash - One of the faster Fsmashes in the game, hitting on frame 13. A very well-rounded smash attack that has speed, power, range, and disjoint. Probably my favorite Fsmash in the game because of this.

Utilt - A decent combo starter that links into Bair, Nair, Fair, Uair, Usmash, another Utilt, and etc depending on the situation. Though it's slightly slow, hitting on frame 9. And it has more range above him, as opposed to the sides.

Dash Grab - You should always be using dash grab instead of his standing or pivot grabs. Why? Because it is the only dash grab in the game that is exceptionally faster than his other grabbing options. Dash Grab is frame 9, while standing grab is frame 14, and pivot grab is frame 15. The later two are horrible, but Dash Grab somewhat makes up for this.

Nair - One of Greninja's best combo starters. Unfortunately, the hitbox comes out on frame 12. However, it can combo into a variety of things thanks to only having 12 frames of landing lag. These moves include: Dash Usmash, Ftilt, Utilt, Dtilt Fair, Uair, and etc.

Nair (Sourspot) - At percents where Nair combos start to not work, sourspot Nair allows Greninja to combo into most of these moves the cost of being more predictable to the opponent, since the hitbox comes out later.

Bair - Greninja's fastest aerial, hitting on frame 5. Though unfortunately, it is more useful against aerial opponents as opposed to grounded opponents, due to Greninja's and Bair's respective mechanics.

Fair - This move is actually quite sluggish in terms of startup speed, as it hits on frame 16. That is as slow as Mario's Fair by comparison of their initial hitbox speeds. On the plus side, everything else about it is good. 14% damage, great range, relatively low landing lag (18 frames), can KO, and Greninja has plenty of combos that lead into it. Making a great combo ender overall.

Uthrow - Greninja's main combo throw. Uthrow -> Uair is a popular choice for dealing damage and ending stocks at mid-high percents.

Neutral B - The first shuriken stalls Greninja in the air, which is useful for avoiding some grounded attacks, such as Up Smashes. Also, there are some very situational but awesome combos you can do after a fully charged shuriken. Such as Usmash, Fair, and footstool combos.

Up B - Not only is it a great recovery, but it is a solid projectile as well. The water doesn't deal hitstun, but it does 2% damage and can push the opponent away, while also pushing you back. Useful for harassing your opponents, and sometimes even messing up their recoveries! Shorthop it to travel further.
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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

2 years ago#15
Duck Hunt
Neutral B - Trick Shot is unique in that, after DH throws the can, you can pretty much shoot it whenever you want. Holding shield, dodging, attacking, running...heck, while being hit or grabbed by the opponent. Just mash the B Button again to make it bounce.

Kick the Can - Jab 3 sends it in a high diagonal arc. Dtilt sends it horizontally forward a fair distance. Ftilt has more range than Dtilt, but is slower and doesn't send the can as far. Utilt lobs it above you. Dash Attack sends it at a REALLY high diagonal arc (and backwards depending on the spacing). Fair moves it horizontally a small distance. Bair sends it further horizontally than Fair. Nair is about the same as Fair, but has more landing lag. Wild Gunmen pop it up a bit, but the taller gunmen will miss it. Side B will actually juggle the can. And lastly, don't use smash attacks, Dair, or Uair when trying to "kick the can".

Kick the Can (Important Moves) - Out of all of these moves though, the most important ones are: Dash Attack, Dtilt, Nair, and Bair. Dash Attack for the high angle, Dtilt because it is fast and sends it forward, and Nair/Bair because they react uniquely with the can. What I mean by this is that you can still shoot the can during any of this to change it's trajectory. But with Nair and Bair, you can actually send the can back towards you, though you have to hit the can with the reverse hitbox of Nair in order to do this. Great for occasional surprises!

Down B - A useful special move that puts up a 5% shield, and shoots later. One of the best uses this move has it that it allows for grab setups. If you mash Down B immediately after a shorthop, and then hold forward, you get a bit of extra distance so that you can go in for a grab (or an attack). Just be careful of the timing and range that the gunmen have.

Wild Gunmen -

Fair - One of DH's most important moves. Hits on frame 7, deals a fair amount of damage and knockback, and has the least amount of landing lag (15 frames). You want to use this move a lot with him.

Bair - While appearing similar in range and function to Fair, this move is stronger at the cost of having more landing lag.

Side B - You can delay shooting the clay pigeon as long as it is on the field, even if it has already landed on the ground.

Smashes - Duck Hunt is notorious for this, but basically, his smashes are pretty unreliable. As there are several instances where the opponent can simply escape before the final hit. I imagine the dog would be laughing if this wasn't bad for him...but hey, at least Sakurai probably is.

Sitting Duck - Although Up B travels a far distance, it has no hitbox whatsoever. Plus, you travel slowly with this move. Against a skilled opponent, you are practically like one of the ducks in Duck Hunt, just waiting to be shot down. Don't get sent off of the stage! Otherwise...does anyone remember that one video where Sheik kept edgeguarding Duck Hunt until around 80 percent or higher? Yeah, that would happen.

Dtilt - Dtilt is pretty nuts. Hits on frame 3, and only has a FAF of 15. Each hit does 5% damage, it can combo into itself, and it has a chance to trip the opponent. It is only held back by low hitstun and range. It can even jab lock the opponent!

Utilt - Utilt is also pretty nuts. It can combo into itself EXTREMELY well, hits on frame 4, and can be followed up by Uair. Low horizontal range, though.

Dash Attack - A good burst mobility option. Hits on frame 7 (just as fast as Ftilt), and puts the opponent in an unfavorable position where they could be hit by another attack. Low % jab lock setups!

Dsmash - His fastest smash on frame 7. Does low damage, but it can KO the opponent surprisingly earlier than how it would appear. Despite this, the trajectory it sends the opponent is not guaranteed, as it could end up sending the opponent behind you instead.
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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

2 years ago#17
ROB (continued)
Fsmash - Has impressive range, but the far hit is very weak. Angling it down can hit people grabbing the ledge, though.

Nair - The hitbox comes out very slow (frame 18, aka DK's Fair), but it only has 12 frames of landing lag, and has great combo potential. Especially at lower percents.

Fair - ROB's main spacing tool in the air. Comes out on frame 6, effective to use out of a short hop, and only has 15 frames of landing lag.

Uair - Hits on frame 7, and is an extremely frightening move at higher percents, as it KOs pretty early.

Dthrow/Uthrow - ...especially since it can be combo'd into by using one of these two throws. Dthrow is more effective for combos, while Uthrow can KO at really late percents (It KO'd even earlier before it unfortunately got nerfed).

Side B - The final hit on this move is pretty strong. It can KO the opponent at around ~150%, though this doesn't factor in the multihits and the amount of rage ROB has. However, the first hit comes out on frame 16, so it is vulnerable at the start of the move. Lastly, it also reflects projectiles.

Gyro - ROB's ultimate harassing tool. It stays on the field for a VERY long time, can interrupt opponents that try to approach ROB, and deals a solid amount of knockback and damage when thrown. It can be thrown EXTREMELY far, too. Charging it increases its durability. Use this move constantly, as it is ROB's best move overall.

Dtilt - Hits on frame 3, and has a very high chance to trip the opponent. Otherwise, it has low hitstun, range, and damage. Though it can be rapid fired into itself.

Dash Attack - A decent burst mobility option that hits on frame 8, has good range, and the final hit pops opponents upwards.

Dsmash - Hits on frame 10, and is extremely useful as it hits behind Ness before hitting in front of him, making it very unique. Typically it does 12% damage. The reverse hit KOs the opponent at around 125%, but the front hit is slightly weaker in terms of knockback.

Grab - Ness's most infamous trait as a character. Dthrow is a combo throw that sets up into Fair, Nair, or Uair. And Bthrow is the strongest Bthrow in the game. Fthrow and Uthrow aren't too bad, either. Plus, his grabs are pretty fast, too. This makes Ness a very frightening opponent to be grappled by.

Aerials - Ness's 2nd most infamous trait as a character. They are all very good, barring probably Dair. Fair has a long lasting hitbox, chains into itself, and hits on frame 8. Uair is strong, deals 13% damage, can KO the opponent, is useful for low-mid percent combos, and only has 14 frames of landing lag. Bair is very strong, deals 15% damage, hits on frame 10, and can KO the opponent at around 110%. And Nair is also very good, dealing 11% damage, and hitting as early as frame 5. And lastly Dair, while being the black sheep of the group (hitting on frame 20), can still potentially meteor the opponent if it connects. Although Falco prefers the air, Ness is the true master at it.

Down B - PSI Magnet is still useful against opponents without projectiles, as it allows Ness to stall in the air for a brief second. This can be used multiple times, too. Use this to avoid being hit by certain attacks, and to delay your recovery.

Up B - A great harassing tool that deals 8% damage...if it hits. Otherwise, you are extremely vulnerable. As a recovery, if you hit a wall while using PKT2, you can use it again one more time by massing Up B again. After that, you can't use it again. Lastly, while everybody knows this, PKT2 hurts. Dealing 25% damage, and most likely will KO your opponent. However, if you hit somebody with it in the air, it will reduce the range of your recovery. So be careful. Even if you do that though, it is one of the easiest recoveries in the game to intercept, since the projectile can be attacked/reflected/stolen/etc. Because of this, make sure to use the Down B tip to help you recover.
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User Info: ItsRainingGravy

2 years ago#18
Captain Falcon
Nair 1 - Only deals 4% damage, and hits on frame 7. However, it only has 12 frames of landing lag. And best of all, it leads into a free jab or grab combo on a hit confirm...even at 999%!

Uair - If that doesn't suit your fancy though, Uair is better in most instances. Because while combos will drop at really high percents, and it stops comboing into a grab after low percents, it doesn't really need either of those things. It hits on frame 6, one frame faster than Nair. Furthermore, it does 11% damage, can combo into itself or other aerials, and best of all, it can combo into Fair at certain percents. This move is so good, that it only has 9 frames of landing lag! Overall, this move is very comparable to ZSS's own Uair, which also comes out on frame 6, has only 9 frames of landing lag, and also combos wonderfully into her aerials and finishing move (Up B). Her's only does 8%, but sends the opponent more vertically, however.

Bair - Another fantastic aerial. Deals 13% damage, KOs pretty early, and only has 12 frames of landing lag. It also has passable speed at frame 10, too. But the range is a bit poor.

Fair - Hits on frame 14, KOs things without mercy, and has 30 frames of endlag.

Dash Attack - A solid burst mobility option that hits on frame 7, deals 10% damage, with just a little bit too much endlag afterwards to true combo the opponent unless they are at specific percents and are in the right place at the right time.

Dash Grab -> Dthrow - Captain Falcon is infamous for this combo. Like Meta Knight, Captain Falcon slides far when he does his dash grab. However, unlike Meta Knight, Captain Falcon runs faster and slides further, making this a fearsome burst mobility option. Especially since he can combo into his aerials after a Dthrow.

Up B - Grabs on frame 14, and deals a surprising 17% damage. Which is interesting, because Ganondorf's Up B only deals 13% damage, and doesn't KO nearly as early. Anyways, Falcon's Up B KOs at around ~150% on the edge of a stage. If you're feeling pretty confident in yourself, try using this after a Nair 1 or Dair hit-confirm. Just remember that you are extremely punishable if you miss...

Fun Fact - Overall, Captain Falcon's smash attacks are actually slower than Ganondorf's in terms of startup speed! Ganondorf's Fsmash is slower by 2 frames, his Usmash is faster by 1 frame, and his Dsmash is faster by 4 frames. His Usmash even has 10 less frames of endlag! However, there's a catch, since Ganondorf's Dsmash has 15 more frames of endlag by comparison. Lastly, their Fsmashes end with the same FAF (60).

Side B - Did you know that you can speed up and slow down on the rocket by holding backwards or forwards? Try it out!

Dtilt - Has an extremely deceptive hitbox, because it actually has an invisible hitbox past the grass animation! Doing this deals less damage (8% instead of 13%), but it can catch foes off guard if they aren't careful. Dtilt comes out on frame 9.

Nair - Hits on frame 3, making it one of the fastest Nairs in the game. Doesn't deal a lot of knockback, though. Has 14 frames of landing lag, but it can be done out of a shorthop.

Fair/Bair - While these moves appear similar, they do have their differences. Bair is stronger, but it comes out 3 frames slower. They have the same landing lag, though. Fair hits on frame 10 at its earliest.

Poor Grab! - Hits on frame 15-17 depending on the grab being used. It also has horrible endlag after being used. But if you do manage to grab somebody, Bthrow has the potential to KO at higher percents.

Axe! - The axe actually comes out quite fast, on frame 6. This is pretty scary when you also consider that it deals 14% damage, and can KO pretty early. The drawback is that it has a FAF of 48, making it relatively easy to punish. Lastly, you can B-Reverse the axe. If somebody rolls behind you, give them a good chop to finish them off!
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2 years ago#19
Pikmin Tips:

Red Pikmin - "Red Pikmin perform attacks that deal 1.2 times the standard damage. They're also immune to fire attacks, but their throw is weak". However, despite their throw being weak, this is actually a good thing for their Dthrow. Since Dthrow deals less knockback, it actually makes it better as a combo throw. For example, Red Pikmin Dthrow can link into Fsmash much easier at earlier percents. While at later percents, Red Pikmin Dthrow has an easier time linking into aerials. Overall, Red Pikmin are the most versatile Pikmin, and don't have any real weaknesses to speak of. Lastly, they have 8% HP.

Yellow Pikmin - "Yellow Pikmin attacks have 1.25 times the reach of the other colors, but they do less damage. The Pikmin can't be killed by electric attacks". Additionally, because their attacks deal electric damage, they get a 1.5x shieldstun multiplier. This, plus the additional range that they have, make their attacks pretty safe to use on an opponent's shield. Lastly, throwing them with Side B makes them travel in an arc as opposed to being thrown straight, unlike the rest of the Pikmin. Oh, and they also have 8% HP.

Blue Pikmin - "Throws performed with Blue Pikmin deal 1.6 times the standard damage. The rest of their abilities are average, with no real weaknesses". Like what the game says, they don't have any real weaknesses. Plus, they are the 2nd bulkiest Pikmin, with 11% HP. And they are immune to water uh, Greninja's attacks basically. And they also can't drown in bodies of water, either. Bthrow and Uthrow are your primary KO throws with these guys, so make sure to not stale these throws before using them.

White Pikmin - "When attacking a grabbed opponent, White Pikmin deal twice the normal damage. They're also speedy and can jump very high". In other words, they deal the most damage when pummeling the opponent during a grab, or after they latch on to an opponent via Side B. They also have the furthest grab range out of the Pikmin, and because of their light weight, they can be thrown the furthest with Side B (but not Fsmash). However, they weak otherwise. Dealing low damage and knockback with normal attacks, and having a lower endurance of only 7% HP. They also lack elemental resistances.

Purple Pikmin - "Attacks performed using Purple Pikmin deal 1.4 times the standard damage and launch foes farther too! They're lacking in reach and speed, however". They are also the tankiest Pikmin, taking an impressive 13% damage before going down. When using Side B, they don't latch on to the opponent, and instead deal 6% damage and knock the opponent away. Which is great for projectile zoning, though it lacks the damage racking capabilities that the other Pikmin have. And, as the tip says, they lack throwing reach. Side B, Fsmash, and grab reach are all reduced with the Purple Pikmin. But if you don't mind this setback, they pretty much have the combined strengths of both Red and Blue Pikmin...hence their color!

Winged Pikmin - "Two Winged Pikmin carry Olimar. The more Pikmin he has, the harder it is to pull him up". To add to this, the different Pikmin also have their own weight values! With three Pikmin of each color, here is how high they go on N64 Hyrule Castle:

No Pikmin = Stops halfway at the green spire on the central tower.
3 Red/Yellow/Blue Pikmin = Allows you to land on the 2nd platform on the central tower.
3 White Pikmin = Allows you to land on the 3rd platform on the central tower.
3 Purple Pikmin = You can't even make it to the 1st platform like this.

Down B - Has super armor from frames 6-12, and a FAF of 21. Time this right, and you can tank any attack! You will still take damage, though.

Noteworthy Attacks: Dthrow, Fair, Bair, etc.
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Reverse Hitboxes - WFT has plenty of these. Jab 1, Ftilt, Dsmash, Fsmash, Nair, and Fair. Watch your posture!

Ftilt - Of these, Ftilt is the most important one, since the reverse hitbox sends the opponent up instead of forward. It deals 1% less damage than Utilt, ends 2 frames faster, and sends the opponent higher up by comparison. Even so, this makes pivot Ftilt and interesting option to send opponents above you during a dash!

Utilt - And while you might think that the reverse hitbox of Ftilt is better in general, it actually doesn't. At least not horizontally, anyways (it does vertically though). This is because WFT's head actually counts as a hitbox during Utilt, and not just her arm. So it's not too bad to use up close as one might think. Oh, and it comes out on frame 5, and has a FAF of 35.

Jab 3 - By now, you should know that hitting a grounded opponent with Jab 3 can plant them in the ground. Use this chance to tack on some extra damage or finish them off!

Fair - When sweetspotted, the reverse hitbox of Fair is a spike. Use this as a surprise finisher while edgeguarding opponents with high percents! Also, because it comes out on frame 9, this makes this spike 11 frames faster than their Dair. Of course, Dair is still stronger.

Bair - Surprisingly enough, this is WFT's fastest aerial, and comes out on frame 5! This is pretty great since the move deals 13% damage. Unfortunately though, it also has the most landing lag tied with Dair at 20 frames. Otherwise, this attack would be pretty bonkers.

Nair - Pops the opponent up, and only has 14 frames of landing lag, making it great for comboing into other aerials. Hits on frame 9.

Uthrow - At early percents, this is her best throw. It deals the most damage at 11%, and can potentially lead into an aerial, though this is not guaranteed.

Neutral B - Heals 2% damage, and deals 18% damage when fully charged. However, even when it is uncharged, it is surprisingly strong. The smallest blasts deal 5% damage. This is as much as the Mario's Fireballs. However, unlike Mario's Fireballs, they don't lose 1% damage as they travel. Overall, this is one of the best projectiles in the game, because of the combined traits it has. It even charges really fast, too!

Side B - Although very tricky to land, due to the small hitbox/slow speed/soccer ball getting in the way, WFT's head is a very powerful spike during this move. It deals 15% damage, and hits as early as frame 16 if you mash the special button again. Even if you do hit somebody with the soccer ball though, you can still hit with their head, dealing a combined damage of 23%.

Soccer Ball (Or Football) - Alternatively, you can cancel the animation with a dodge button, and then strike the ball after you land. Most of the time though, this just ends up being a silly distraction, as the ball usually goes way too high to hit anybody. But it can potentially be useful in very niche situations. Just don't cancel the animation off of the stage, because it puts WFT into a helpless animation...for whatever reason. Anyways, if you do choose to use this trick, I recommend hitting the ball with the reverse hit of Jab 1. Because it sends the ball just low enough for it to be useful. Plus, Jab 1 comes out fast, and has little endlag. Even then though, the ball's arc is still pretty high, so keep that in mind. Lastly, the ball is going to deal about 8% damage no matter what you do, so there's no need to use stronger attacks to try to launch it.

More Soccer Tricks - Other attacks that might be useful with the above trick include: Uncharged Neutral B, using Side B again, Dtilt to send it behind you, Ftilt (mostly the front hitbox), and Bair. Using anything else really isn't worth it. And again, it is still a niche option.

Down B - The main use this move has is powering up your Neutral B and Smash Attacks, making them deal 3% more damage/have more knockback. Nair combos better as well.
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