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User Info: ShiniOfMadness

2 years ago#1

That's it?

An entire set of DLC and not a single thing that I actually like?

I'm happy for the people that got what they wanted, but...


Was one character too much to ask for? Just one character I actually sort of liked? Maybe so, huh?

I thought I would've been disappointed with some of that characters that people were suggesting, but nothing really matches the utter disappointment I feel right now.

I trusted Sakurai to maybe give me one character I liked. That's all. Just one. I would've been content. But that didn't happen.

I kept trying to be excited about the DLC, saying "This will be the one. I know it," but it never happened, and it got harder and harder to be enthusiastic.

I'm sorry, this is more me venting than anything, but I'm seriously so disappointed and confused.

I just wish I could've gotten one character I liked.

Oh well.

I sound seriously whiny, but just... why would I be happy with a bunch of stuff that I don't want? I respect the effort, but it's hard to be enthusiastic when you've been completely ignored, y'know?

And I'm not saying that my opinion is better than anyone's, because I know it isn't, but to have a whole set of DLC characters and for none of them to be anything that I remotely wanted to happen.

Does anyone else understand what I mean? Is anyone else going through this, too?
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