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Most hype newcomer?

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User Info: Sonicstar77

2 years ago#11
Mega Man.

DLC wise? Ryu.

Dec. 15th wise? ... N/A.
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User Info: Irnkman

2 years ago#12
startmario posted...
Bayonetta! About time we got a Gunner DLC character!

Cloud is meh but Corrin is dissapointing thanks to having a Counter.

Corrin looks amazingly unique and fun, and one move ruins it for you?
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User Info: Arne83

2 years ago#13
Bayo. Definitely Bayo. No question.
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User Info: NukeA6

2 years ago#14
I was really iffy about Cloud but all has been nullified thanks to the witch.

User Info: albertojz356

2 years ago#15
Love is Blue

User Info: Makattack202

2 years ago#16
Januzaj_Dragon posted...
who the f*** is voting for Corrin?

People that think he looks really fun to play as?
He could have been a completely original character and I would still like him the most.
It reeks of stupidity in here.

User Info: CrescentShadow

2 years ago#17
Really don't gaf about Bayonetta, super neutral to her, would vastly prefer if we were getting Corrin today instead of Cloud, more hype to play as him than the other 2.
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