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Take that K. Rool

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User Info: gg132

2 years ago#11

Maybe the next game.

User Info: Virus66

2 years ago#12
jayman7 posted...
Yeah, take that, main villain of underrepresented franchise that we know got lots of votes. We needed another Fire Emblem character. >:(

This is my thoughts exactly. Why they went with another FE character, I'll never understand. If they wanted to put a character in that served as advertisement, I think they should have gone with Elma from XCX. Fire Emblem has an established fanbase. Xenoblade needs the advertisement. Either way though, I think another series needed another rep, like DK or Metroid.
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User Info: SirJuicius

2 years ago#13
Well at least we got the fighter costume
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User Info: GL10

2 years ago#14
I'm gonna say it once and for all: I am so freaking happy that no DLC character is a slow, heavy piece of crap. Sorry K. Rool.

User Info: Pikachutwo2

2 years ago#15
Why are you so mean and pick on us why were down and out? ):

User Info: marchefelix

2 years ago#16
Pikachutwo2 posted...
Why are you so mean and pick on us why were down and out? ):

Apparently we are demons and we deserve this...
"I wouldn't mind if Fire Emblem had 10 reps and Mario had 7." See, still within reason. - PhyreEmblem23

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