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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#1
This topic exists so no one can complain about Professor Layton's moveset potential. READ THOROUGHLY

I aim for this to be the BEST moveset made for a character on GameFAQs

[Use control F for easier access!]

- Character Overview:

- Gimmicks and Playability:

- Final Smash:

- Miscellaneous Info:

- Special Moves:

- Smash attacks:

- Jab and Grabs:

- Dash Attack and Tilts:

- Aerials:

- Concluding Notes:

I don't want to bore you too much with trivial details, so I'll keep this as brief and clear as possible (will be hard since Professor Layton is such a complicated character). So with out further ado, lets get into it!

Character Overview:

Professor Layton is a Semi-heavy character (Around Ryu's weight) with above average running speed and aerial mobility, but a below average walking speed. Professor Layton can also wall-jump. Layton's Rolls are very quick, cover bellow average distance but provide better Invincibility frames. Professor Layton's grab is the worst in the game. Professor Layton has a very 'logical' playstyle, most of his gameplay resides on reads and matchup knowledge.

Gimmicks and Playability

Professor Layton's whole move set and gimmick is unlike any other smash character, his moves consist of half serious (Link and the FE cast) and half 'silly' (WFT, Duck Hunt, Game&Watch, Villager) This makes Layton a very unique Smash Character since he is not devoted to either playstyle. His non-serious moves are designed to setups and reads, and his serious moves cover his ability to handle himself as a fighter. Likewise, Professor Layton has a serious Gimmick and a 'silly' gimmick. Professor Layton also has one of the most PATHETIC grabs in the game. But more on that later...

One of Professor Layton's main gimmicks is that he can switch between two weapons that factor into his sword play orientated moves, a Rapier (Diabolical Box) and a Pipe (Azran Legacy/Eternal Diva).

As you'd expect, the Rapier does more damage at the cost off less knock back and the Pipe does more knock back at the cost of less damage.

Rapior: 1.2x damage

Pipe: 0.8x damage

The sword can be thrown in the form of a tether grab, which references his ingenuity. The pipe does more knock back, and the rapier does more damage. Since Layton has a tether grab, he can tether-grab the ledge with his Claw Shot Gadget.

Professor Layton can have either sword in his hand or no sword at all. But what if Professor Layton does a move that requires a sword but doesn't have one? Well, you see, that's where Professor Layton special trait, comes in...


So you might be wondering: "But Guy, how can Professor Layton work around Shields When his Grab Game sucks?"
And you'd be right!

So we both know that grabbing people, (Especially the Ladies) is not good taste for Layton what so ever. So I thought we'd represent that by giving Layton a horrible Grab game (And make up for it by giving him other tools to work around that, since you need to grab to get past shields)

So Basically, in a nutshell. Layton's Grab has.

- Bad Range (Like, worse than Gannon range)

- Bad followups Layton barely throws people anywhere. He's not even trying.

- People will escape Layton's grab immediately after they are grabbed unless if they're at a high percent. (Layton is definitely NOT trying...)

Please DON'T post until I've finish putting this up. It's rather long.
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#2
This leads into Professor Layton's main Gimmick: Not only does Professor Layton have more tools to work around Shields (Explained more in the moveset section), Layton's few sword moves activates a new 'counter' animation when Layton performs a move that would require a sword when he does not have one on him.
This is referenced by every Layton Game in every fighting scene; Professor Layton never actually has a weapon to begin with, instead counting a strategy his opponent uses.
Layton will pull back, grab a sword from behind and execute the move with pizzazz, invincibility frames, and ignores shields (because you won't be grabbing anyone with Professor Layton) at the cost of being helpless (if done in the air) and big end lag. Every Counter for every sword move is different, and every counter has a startup time, but with invincibility frames. This makes it impossible to land unless you are using the move for it's intended purpose. Meaning you must think Logically when playing Professor Layton.

This can also be done for Sword moves in the air, which acts like a Air Dodge, and a nasty 'counter' attack. Does not leave helpless if it lands, and gives him extra hight as well. Sort of of like a risk-reward if done off stage.

Spot Dodges also activate a auto counter as well, with little startup lag.

All this means that when Professor Layton doesn't have a sword on him, he can activate a 'counter' to get his sword back. Let me explain how one would manage swords...

Keep in mind, all of Layton's 'counters' ignore shields. Because.. you know... He can't really grab people.

1. Spot dodging: If Layton does a spot dodge, he will go out of the background and quickly grab a weapon (Diabolical Box Style, it references that Layton never has a weapon to start off with, he just picks something up to defend himself)
The first weapon will always be the Rapier, then the Pipe, and so on. He then Swings his sword in an arc, protecting him and potentially 'countering' anyone that is near him. EG, if someone tries to grab Layton: Spotdodge, Layton counters.
This can also be done with a Air Dodge, and works similarly.

Pro tip:
A Spot dodge is very handy for Quickly getting your sword back if you don't have it!

2. Performing a Move that requires a sword.
Every Sword orientated move that Layton has has two animations: One normal standard one, and a 'counter variation'.
As I explained earlier, These moves will ignore Shields and have high end and startup Lag.
HOWEVER, Layton is completely invulnerable during the startup delay. This encourages, and certifies the fact that the move is primary used for countering; meaning it's difficult to land these moves without a read or knowing your opponent will hit you with a certain move. These moves are also solid KO moves.

Aerial sword 'counter moves' function slightly differently and have other uses as well. For example, Layton will execute the counter by 'spot dodging' first, then countering as normal. However, you have control over Layton's directional movement while doing this. Think of it like Meta Knight's Dimensional Cape, except you can't go nearly as far, no vulnerability frames during startup, and you aren't helpless after the move (Only if you hit someone). Hitting someone will not make you helpless, and you gain upwards momentum as well. Making this a SUPER risky Recovery-Whilst-Gimping option.

"But Theguy! how would Professor Layton remove his sword in order to get these 'counters'? Also, how would you switch weapons?"
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#3
Good question! Let me explain a bit about discarding swords...

1. Execute a Z-Air (Grab Aerial)
Layton's Z-Air isn't actually a attached device that he has. Instead, using this function will allow Layton to throw his sword (Thus, discarding it) at an enemy in a similar manor to how Robin's sword can be an item. Layton's swords can be items as well! Layton throws his sword immediately and if blocked, others can pick it up and throw it as well!

Obviously, the Pipe deals less damage but more knock back (Thus, is a kill move) and the Rapier does more damage at the cost of doing minor knockback.

Since this is a Z-Air, Layton can only throw his sword in the air, (which makes sense, it makes it harder to hit people this way with a thrown Pipe)

2. Execute a Grab
Using Layton's Grab will cause him to drop his sword in order to grab someone. Simple.
This can be done even if you don't grab in the first place. So it makes for a cool and quick optimisation function for getting rid of the sword so you could set up a 'counter move'. Further representing Layton as a character better.

Cool right? Ok, I think that covers everything that I won't explain in the moveset section. Let's get to the Part you've been waiting for!

Final Smash: Correct!

When Layton activates his final smash, Layton will disappear, followed by the iconic (L) Symbol and the whole screen will turn pitch black (similar to Nightmare AT). Followed by a Puzzles solving quote:

"I believe I have this one:"

"How about this?"

"You know, I think this may be it!"

Layton will then perform his "Puzzle Solved" animation which results in four "clicks" and does a pose for each one (if you've played a Layton game you'll know what I'm talking about). On the fourth click how ever, Layton swings his hand and points the screen. When Layton swings his hand, it becomes a devastatingly large hitbox, dealing high damage and knock back to whoever gets hit by it, and shouts:

"Every Puzzle has an answer!"

"Critical Thinking is the key to success!"

"...and there we have it!"

The best part is that you change the area of the screen he points at, thus affecting the poses he does, for example:

Location of hand pointing\/ Mimics pose from\/
Pointing at the bottom of the screen: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Pointing at the bottom-right corner of the screen: Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy

Pointing at the middle of the screen: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Pointing at the Top-right corner of the screen: Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright
And so on...

After, Professor Layton becomes visible on stage again and the final smash ends.

You can actually 'fail' the animation as well by tapping the B button; causing everyone to become thrown up and into their helpless state, and receiving minor damage.

Final Smash Does 41% at the fingers, 35% at the hand. Strong knock back which can KO early at the ledge. Failing the animation hits everyone with fixed Horizontal knockback and forces helplessness, Does 10%
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#4
Miscellaneous Info:


Up taunt -

Professor Layton does his famous "explanation" animation, (right hand pointing upward and left hand strayed to the side with an open palm) saying "And there we have it!"

Down taunt -

Professor Layton Tips his hat downwards with a sad expression on his face.

Side taunt -

Professor Layton points his index finger at what ever is in front of him and shouts: "I believe I have this one"

Idle poses

Layton puts his hand on his chin and begins his thinking animation for a couple of seconds, if left alone, he'll open his eyes in surprise an go "Ah!"

On-screen appearance

Professor Layton rides into the arena in his Laytonmobile, he walks out and shuts the door which causes the car to explode, he looks in surprise, and play continues.

Guard animation

Professor Layton tips his hat forward with his right hand, while having a determined expression on his face, he uses his left hand as if he was keeping/protecting something behind him. (similar to how he protects Luke Trition in Professor Layton and the Azran Leagacy and Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright)

Victory poses

Winning1: Layton Humbly tips his hat forward with a smile on his face. (I wanted to give Layton a sense of guilt when he won, like he felt he should have let the victory go to someone more deserving.)

Winning2: Professor Layton does his iconic 'Correct' Animation

Winning3: Professor Layton has his back turned whilst Drinking tea.

Losing: Layton gives a standing observation to the winner, and happily claps accordingly, Accepting his defeat like a true pro. (It almost looks like he let you win!)

Special Moves:

Neutral B: Accusation

(chargeable attack)


Accusation is Professor Layton's Neutral Special attack. When used; Professor Layton points his index finger in front of him and occasionally shouts "That person is you!" or ""Hold It!" or even. This attack has a disjointed hit box that will only hit what is directly in front of Layton, unfortunately, there is no way to tell how far away, the hit box is from Layton, so players will have to predict where the hit box actually is, which makes it hard to land (Also practise Makes perfect! you'll get a feel for it in no time!), if your opponent is too close to Layton, they will evade the attack and no damage will be done. Incredibly Powerful when charged up.

Can also be aimed Up or Down. This move also deals very high Shield damage.

Pro Tip:
Use this for covering ledge options! The hit box in front of Layton can remove projectiles as well! Once you have a feel for the distance, you can stop ground AND aerial approaches right in their tracks!
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#5
Side B: Slot Machine Gun

Damage: Multi hit for 3%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 4% (13% Total if all hits connect)

Knock Back: Low Knock Back Growth, kills at 160% at middle of FD. Launches at a diagonally downwards angle when used in the air. The move will rapid spike in in a similar manner to Kirby's Dair.

The Slot Machine Gun is Professor Layton's side special attack, when executed, Professor Layton Assembles his Slot Machine Gun from Unwound Future and fires a barrage of hint coins on to the opposition.

This move acts very similarly with Mii Gunner's Fsmash. but with a wide vertical and horizontal range. High priority and traps opponents in. Using the move in mid-air results in Layton firing the Gun at a diagonally downwards angle and provide recoil that helps recovery.

Pro Tip:
This move can be used to beat projectiles, cover ledge get ups, AND edge guard! When recovering, make sure you have your back to the edge or you'll go the opposite way you intended!

Down B: Contrivance

Professor Layton lets loose a small explosive contrivance to disrupt play similar to Bowser Jr's Mecha Koopa. Based on Professor Layton's 'Goal Minigames' from previous Layton Games. Consists of the Small Layton Mobile from Curious Village, the Toy Train From Unwound Future, and the Toy Robot from Miracle Mask. Unlike the Mecha Koopa, the contrivances don't catch characters and explode, but instead move along to tank hits and hit opponents into the air for a followup. Professor Layton will chose a contrivance in this order: Car, Train, Robot. The contrivances explode when their HP is depleted. They cannot be picked up, unlike Mecha Koopas.

Toy Car:
HP: 15%

Mecha Koopa speed. Launches upwards horizontally with some followup possibility. Does 8% damage on impact, explosion does 12%

Toy Train:
HP: 6%

Much Faster than the Toy Car. Launches directly upwards and behind with very good followup possibility. Does 6% damage on contact, explosion does 10%

HP: 25%

Moves very slowly. Launches aggressively horizontally with no followups, but can KO near the edge. Does 12% damage on impact, explosion does 17%

Pro Tip:
Use these to setup walls and punish reactions!

Up B: Bone Glider

Damage: 7%, Fixed Knockback when riding, 12% as a projectile

Layton Pulls out his Bone Glider from Azran Legacy and uses it to recover.

Glider physics work so you have strong vertical recovery, but you must dip first before you can ascend upwards, just like a real glider. Professor Layton can jump out of this move similar to how Sonic can Jump out of his spin dash, otherwise, letting go will make Professor Layton throw the glider and will force helplessness unless used to grab the ledge. When thrown, the Glider becomes a high priority projectile that is quite fast. Layton auto throws the glider when grabbing the ledge.

Pro Tip:
After jumping out of Slot Machine Gun may be used to improve recovery further! Also, Grabbing the edge with the glider will send the projectile right at a ledge guarder, neat!
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#6
Smash Attacks:

Professor Layton's smash attacks have a certain Gimmick, where they put up 'Shields' or 'Barriers' which block Projectiles and don't clash with moves and can protect team mates. References that he is a protective character that likes to protect others from harm.

Side Smash:

Multi hit of 3%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 3%, 5% (18% if all hits connect uncharged, 27% fully charged) 1.2x damage with rapier, 0.8x damage with pipe.

KO's from middle of FD at around 98%

Professor Layton uses his sword to thrust and jab in front of him with his sword, since this move uses a sword, inputing the move with out one will make Layton 'counter' with a sharp sword thrust.

Professor Layton's Fsmash looks acts similarly to the Mii Sword fighter's 'Multi Hit stab Neutral B move' with differences.

However, Layton's Fsmash blocks projectiles (Not energy transcendent priority ones, excluding Mega Man's Fsmash and Fox and Falco's Blasters). The move is very quick and has little end lag, but the move lasts for a very long time. Professor Layton has super amour though the duration of the move.

Up Smash

Multi hit of 3%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 3%, 5% (18% if all hits connect uncharged, 27% fully charged) 1.2x damage with rapier, 0.8x damage with pipe.

KO's at 100% on FD

Professor Layton's Up Smash has similar hit boxes to Samus's and Mii Gunner's Up Smash. Except the move lasts much longer and has bigger hitboxes that connect easier. The move does not hit beside, behind, or below Layton.

Layton replicates this by spinning his sword in a baton fashion and covers the area above him (Yes, this is an ORIGINAL Sword based Upsmash). Like Layton's Side Smash, this move is very quick and has little end lag, but the move lasts for a very long time. Professor Layton has super amour though the duration of the move.

Since this is a Sword based move, it also has a 'counter' variation where Layton dashes, then violently swings upwards.

This move's hitboxes can't be cancelled out and can protect any attack above him.

Pro Tip:
Use this move in a team battle to cover above your teammates while they cover your front!

Down Smash

Damage: 17% (26% charged)

KO's at 90%

Layton summons Two Azran Pillars with one behind, and one in front of him. For reference, the hitboxes would resemble Mega Man's Down Smash.

The difference is that these pillars actually function as colliding walls that can clash with anything, and cancel out anything. The pillars don't brake either! (New, fandangled Azran Tech...) This makes it difficult to get to Layton when the move is out. This move's frame data is very similar to Mega Man's Dsmash, but a bit quicker on startup, and a bit slower on end lag.

Pro Tip:
Meaning in a team battle, you can pretty much Protect your team mates with this move WHILST getting a powerful hit on someone!
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#7
Jab and Grabs:

Jab Attack

Professor Layton's Jab is a Standard Jab attack that can lead into a rapid Jab, or a strong finisher.

Jab 1: A Magnifying Glass (Along with the three lines, indicating you've interacted with something) imprints in front of Layton while in a thinking pose, does 2% The relation to all of Layton's game should be obvious.

Jab 2. A Red Exclamation Mark appears! This would normally appear when you get a puzzle from someone after you tapped with the Magnifying Glass in all his games. Deals 3% This hits the opponent a bit upwards which can lead into...

Jab Finisher 1: The Iconic (L) symbol imprints on the enemy, this deals 4% Damage for a total of 9% damager in this finisher, HOWEVER, if this is Finisher is done while the opponent is on the ground, the victim will be forced into a 'dizzy' animation (As if he was hit by Mewtwo's Disable) Giving a free followup. This is very similar to Wii Fit Trainers Jab in the fact that the opponent must be on the ground for it to work, and it can't be done at higher percents since Jab 2 would send the opponent in the air, making it impossible to net a easy kill.

Jab Finisher 2: Layton Solves a Multi-Colour Sliding Block puzzle which materializes in front of him, dealing multiple hits like Robin's Wind Finisher, the Final hit is Layton solving the puzzle; everything fits together, and the opponent is launched. This Jab Finisher can be held down to keep the Blocks Sliding around, similar to any multi-hit jab attack dealing more damage at the risk of the opponent escaping the attack.


You won't be grabbing anybody soon with Professor Layton. Opponents will escape very quickly beyond Layton's grasp. Getting a successful throw will require the opponent to be at 80% or more if they are struggling. All throws have fixed knockback.

Standing Grab
Layton extends his hand backwards as he grabs, this has horrible range and you may as well land a fire jump punch with Luigi, that's how bad the range is. However, this move is very good for quickly removing your weapon, since Professor Layton will drop his sword to grab.

Dash Grab
Layton quickly brings his hand forward to grab. This move also has horrible range. You'd may as well land a Rest with Jigglypuff if you pull off a successful dash grab with Layton. This move also removes your weapon.

Pivot Grab
Layton quickly turns around while swinging his wrist inverted. This move also has bad range. If you do it successfully, you would be better off doing a pivot Input Shoryuken as Ryu. Again, removes your weapon.

Does 2% damage. Does not combo. Professor Layton throws the opponent in a similar manner to a glove slap.

Does 5% damage. Does not combo. Professor Layton swings his arm back and weakly puts the opponent behind him.

Layton pathetically brings his hand upwards, putting the opponent in front of him. Deals 2%. This move only reliably combos into Jab attack at any percent, or Fsmash, if they DI incorrectly. Again, also removes weapon.

Professor Layton swings downward with some force, dealing 3%. This move can combo in to an aerial at any percent depending on DI.

Z-Air 'Grab':

Damage: 17% (Rapier) 8% (Pipe)

Professor Layton throws his equipped sword in front of him in the air. The Rapier does more damage, while the Pipe can kill.

Tether Grab:

Professor Layton grabs the ledge with his claw shot gadget. Standard Ledge tether grab.
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#8
Dash Attack and Tilts:

Dash Attack:
Damage: 12% (clean) 8% (Late)

Professor Layton thrusts his sword in a fencer like fashion. Similar to Mii Sword Fighters Dash attack.

This move has a 'counter' variation where Professor Layton will entirely stop his momentum, then dash forward 6 characters lengths in 20 frames per second with his sword swung behind him. (Similar to Shulk's Alt, counter)

Like, Shulk's alt. Counter, this move launches opponent in front of him, rather then behind.

Damage: Multi Hit: 5% (First hit) then 8% (Final hit) 13% total if all hits connect.

This move is an actual Fencing manoeuvre, where one would pull their sword back, then thrust forward in a dash. Layton Pulls Back and drags his sword in front to hit the opponent, and the second hit: Layton Thrusts forward and hits squarely in the opponent's chest.

Since this is a sword move, it also has a counter variation where Professor Layton jumps back, then violently thrusts forward.

BUT WAIT. It wouldn't be Layton without tricks, would it?

This move is unique as the 1st hit will INSTANTLY cancel out an opponent's move, forcing them to suffer lag.

Now, this means that Layton's side tilt will not only clash with any move (No matter the power) it means they will be susceptible to the next hit. Which is designed to deal strong horizontal knock back (Smash Attack KB power) if the 2nd hit connects with a clashed opponent that threw out a move.

Pro Tip:
Now, this gives Layton's Side tilt two different properties:

1. All hits connecting will result in more damage.

2. Performing the move correctly in such a way that you force a 'clash' with the first hit, will do less damage. But it becomes a powerful kill move.


Damage: 7%

Notes: This move ignores Shields. Fixed Knockback

Layton uses his Fancy Camera from Diabolical Box to Flash at the ground. The camera forces Lag in such away that the opponent would recover as soon as the Professor Layton recovers from end lag. This means it encourages a certain mind game (Yes, I've made Professor Layton the ultimate 'mind game' character)

Pro Tip:
For example... If you think the Opponent would shield after the attack, activate a 'counter' attack (a Hard Read), piercing their Shield, and dealing high damage and knockback. NOICE. If, for what ever reason, you already have a sword on you, of you don't want to get a Fsmash to the face if you miss, you can always go for another Dtilt, which is always good. *Flash Flash*

If you believe the opponent would try to attack Immediately after Layton does his Down tilt. Activate Layton's Side Tilt to force 'clashed ending lag' and the second strike would be enough to either Kill, or send off stage and lead an unfavourable position. Don't worry, Layton's Side Tilt comes out on Frame one, so you'll beat every attack this way. Nice!

If you think they would go for a grab, Side tilt is also an optimal punish as it comes out on frame 1, and will deal decent damage since both hits would connect. You could also go for a Jab instead if you don't have your sword on you.

Punishing Rolls should be common knowledge. Layton's Slot Machine Gun (Side B) Also reaches far enough to Punish a backroll as well, just FYI.

Layton's Aerials (And Aerial counters) will also punish aerial movement as well.

So, in a nutshell, Layton's Down tilt will allow for very strong followups and kill moves. but requires reads just like any good Gentleman/Professor. However, this is also a double-edged sword as well, make sure YOU don't get read!

Layton's Camera will also cancel out any projectile it hits!
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#9

Damage: Multi hit, 2%, 3%, 4% (9% if all hits connect)

Professor Layton points in the air which is accompanied by the 'mystery item collectible' (The orange box with eh '?' on it) that Professor Layton and friends can find though out the prequel trilogy games.

The box ascends above Layton and hits opponents, with the final hit revealing the collectable that was inside the box (150 possibilities in all... what a share of Layton history!) the final hit has all the knock back and launches at a diagonal upwards angle. This move can Shield poke if used on a slightly depleted shield.


Damage: 12%
KO's from Middle of FD at 157%

Professor Layton does a heavy forward swing above him with his sword. This move is Unique as it does not hit opponents upwards. But rather, launches opponents forwards in a similar manner to Dr. Mario's Fair. Sets up an edge guard near the ledge.

'Counter' variation acts the same but with a delayed notion with a stronger hit. Causes helplessness if missed, otherwise sends Layton back, the opponent forward, and forces a 'neutral' game stance.

Damage: 8%
KO's from Middle of FD at 165%

Professor Layton does an inverse upwards swing, similar to Marth's Fair, but with a upwards swing. KO's VERY early near the upper blast line with the Pipe.

'Counter' variation acts the same but with a delayed notion with a stronger hit. Causes helplessness if missed, otherwise sends Layton downwards with no landing lag for a followup.

Damage: 12% (Spike hit box) 10% otherwise

Professor Layton swings downwards behind him, similar to Lucas's Bair but using a sword.

'Counter' variation acts the same but with a delayed notion with a stronger hit. Causes helplessness if missed, otherwise confirms a spike when landed and sends Layton upwards for extended upwards recovery.

Damage: 7%
KO's from Middle of FD at 190%

Layton performs a quick swing to the side below him. Acts as similarly to Meta Knight's Dair except Layton does an inverse swipe which can and WILL stage spike if done below the stage.

'Counter' variation acts the same but with a delayed notion with a stronger hit. Causes helplessness if missed, otherwise sends opponents offstage into the side blast lines and adds strong horizontal Recovery.

Pro Tip:
it's risky, but if you do the counter variation of this move while you are recovering, and hit an opponent that was foolish enough to edge guard you, you will OHKO them right into the blast lines and improve your recovery further! just be sure you don't miss...

Damage: 7% (Sour) 11% (Fast Fell)
KO's from Middle of FD at 270%

Professor Layton kicks downwards with both feet as if he were to land. Unlike most Nairs where the move does more damage fresh, and less damage late for combos, this move will always be sour unless if you fast fall the Professor Layton's Nair, in which it does 11%. This move auto cancels like shulk's Nair and has no landing lag like MM's Nair.

Pro Tip:
Both variants of this move, (Sour and fast fell) will still combo into different things, so try them out!

Concluding notes:
So what do you think? Overall, the Layton I've thought up of I think is perfectly represented of his games, character, and playstyle. Reads will take you very far with Professor Layton, and I've made sure all Layton's moves have optimal usage and a 'high knowledge/skill, high reward' character.

Also. Now you can't say 'Hurr Durr' Layton has no moveset.
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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User Info: Theguysayhi

6 years ago#10
Thank you very much for reading! It certainly means a lot.

Please sticky if you can! discussions can commence on the next page...
Logic, when accompanied with quick, rational thinking, can topple any mystery -Professor Layton
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