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  3. How did Mewtwo and Lucas take 6+ months?

User Info: reaverz

4 years ago#21
Remember how before the Direct, Mewtwo by himself was taking 6 months? It turned out Lucas was being developed as well. And if a new DLC character is revealed a few months from now, then that character is now being developed alongside Lucas (and maybe even alongside Mewtwo for at least a short period of time).

This is not to mention the new modes and functions to be available in the future, as well as the Mii Fighter costume packs. We just don't know enough to make the sort of conclusion you have made, TC.
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User Info: CuterChihuahua2

4 years ago#22
The work rhythm of the Smash team really is puzzling. Normally I would find a way to hate on kid icarus but sakurai already dropped 100% of his effort in filling smash with kid icarus content as much as he could, so I don't see what took him so long. Probably he has been playing kid icarus uprising non stop since smash released.... considering that Smash 4 is pretty much uprising 2, I can't blame him for not noticing the difference....

But yeah, I would like a thorough explanation of how the smash team is using its time, it really is mind boggling.

User Info: Puppyfaic

4 years ago#23
Tournament Mode
All the extra Mii outfits

I can believe 6 months of work.
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User Info: MedicalGamer

4 years ago#24
Making a character isn't the hard part..but it does take a while.

Hell it took Capcom some time to make Ryu, their flagship fighting character.
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User Info: MeepleLardicle

4 years ago#25
As was noted, Smash 4 Mewtwo looks like Melee Mewtwo in the sense that they both look like *gasp* Mewtwo! Doesn't mean the same model.

Lucas is the same deal compared to his Brawl counterpart.

Unlike Ike or Marth who have changed designs over games (Marth using his Shadow Dragon/New Mystery Design over his classic one, and Ike using Radiant Dawn over Path of Radiance), Mewtwo and Lucas have only one design so they're going to look the same in every game they appear in. It's the subtitles that will change, like how detailed and advanced the model looks.

Really though...

This video highlights how it's not the same Mewtwo model; Gamexplain has a Lucas one as well to highlight the differences there. I'll grant Lucas is more similar than Mewtwo, but only because Brawl is graphically superior to Melee, so the jump isn't as big.
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User Info: Ace-of-Clubs

4 years ago#26
Balancing. Remember how Mewtwo was total garbage in Melee? It'd be nice to make sure that a boatload of pre-release playtesting is done to prevent that from happening again.
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User Info: Prismsblade

4 years ago#27
Do people seriously think its possible to just copy/paste and "update" old models from a previous title over a decade old? Come on folks.
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User Info: dreamian

4 years ago#28
Sakurai didn't add them because then he would've missed a golden opportunity to make more money out of this game.

User Info: rampardosrules

4 years ago#29
What kinda question is that. Animation alone is a slow-paced procedure, and requires lots of time and dedication.
To put you in perspective, let's look at an animated show like Family Guy, which despite the occasional eye candy has piss-poor animation and directing. One episode takes between 6 and 9 months to complete.
Add to that all the programming, damage asserting, and most of all balancing Mewtwo against other characters and you got yourself a handful.
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User Info: MoMonay

4 years ago#30
MinerZonian posted...
Reminder: Sakurai is working on more than just two characters in Smash.

Tourney Mode
Miiverse Stage

I love how TC completely ignored this comment cause it made too much sense.
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