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User Info: AdmiralZephyr

5 years ago#1
Standard B - SLASH: A chargeable slash with his sword (much like Roy's in Melee)

Side B - MOVE: Much like his AT version, a giant hand appears and pushes the opponent away, but also damaging them in the process

Up B - RETREAT: Isaac disappears and reappears in a direction that can be controlled in the brief second that he is gone (the default being directly above his old position)

Down B - SPIRE: A giant stone spire comes down from above like Pikachu's Thunder directly in front of him in the direction in which he is facing

Final Smash - JUDGEMENT: Uses his most powerful Summon from the first Golden Sun

Standard A attacks use hand-to-hand combat, while his Smash attacks utilize his sword.
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User Info: Paper_Okami

5 years ago#2
He doesn't have even close to enough psy attacks.

User Info: DeZA_Dee

5 years ago#3
pretty standard moveset. I'd be happy with that. But what aboot the djinns?
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User Info: SirRegulus

5 years ago#4
Djinn would make for a great Pokeball-esque item, I think.

User Info: Jacornonthecob

5 years ago#5
So he's a clone of three cut Melee characters and an Assist Trophy?

User Info: R_Hunter

5 years ago#6
For his standard B, make it chargeable. At max, he uses Ragnarok instead of slashing.

For the FS, Upgrade it to Charon.
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