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User Info: stranksy

4 years ago#1
Got fair criticism for lack of specificity in my last roster topic.So let's try this one again; newcomers are italicized.

Super Mario: 8
Bowser Jr.
Paper Mario

Donkey Kong: 4
Dixie Kong
King K. Rool

The Legend of Zelda: 5
Ganondorf (new moveset!)
Classic Link
Classic Ganon

Metroid: 3

Pokémon: 5
Pokémon Trainer: Mudkip, Grovyle, and Blaziken
Gen VI Rep

StarFox: 3
Falco (de-landmastered)
Wolf (de-landmastered)

F-Zero: 2
Captain Falcon
Black Shadow (Ganondorf's old moveset)


Kirby: 3
Meta Knight
King Dedede

Fire Emblem: 2

Pikmin: 1

Classic: 5
Ice Climbers
Mr. Game&Watch
Little Mac

3rd Party: 3

Golden Sun: 1
Isaac (Felix & Matthew Alt Skins)

-48 characters total, 52 if you count transformations
-15 newcomers (unless you don't count Mewtwo to be new, in which case it's 14)


-Bowser Jr and Paper Mario are both very popular characters in the fanbase, and also offer fairly good opportunities for new and unique movesets.

-Donkey Kong has been very underrepresented for a long time, despite the great possibilities available for Dixie Kong. King K. Rool may, unfortunately, fall due to the "too big" problem that exists with Ridley, but he is also well-liked by the community and has near-infinite possibilities for moves.

-Ganondorf has been needing a new moveset since Melee, and passing it over to Black Shadow seems like a fair enough way to accomplish that. Concerning Classic Link and Classic Ganon, Zelda deserves more reps due to being one of Nintendo's best and oldest franchises, and a second Link, it seems, will always be present. So why not ALttP Link? The 3DS sequel is coming out soon, after all. Classic Ganon (that is, blue-pig-trident-Ganon) could serve as very good new character, though there is a risk for him to become something of a Bowser clone.

-Ridley might yet be too big. So maybe not him, but we all can hope. Sylux, however, is entirely possible; he was hinted at being a bigger player at the end of MP3, after all. I doubt Dark Samus will show up, because the Metroid Prime arc is finished, and Dark Samus is, after all, dead.

-Yes, I'm being non-specific with one pokemon rep. But we all know a gen VI rep will be in, and we don't know most of them so far. Mewtwo returns, and Pokemon Trainer changes to better represent a larger range of generations.

-StarFox doesn't need any more; they haven't had a major game in years (decades?)

-Same with F-Zero, but Ganon's old set had to go somewhere

-I admit, I don't know much about MOTHER, so I may be undershooting them.

-Kirby's pretty much good with three

-FE and Pikmin are in the same boat as MOTHER

-Little Mac seems like a good classic

-Banjo&Kazooie are unlikely, but I like 'em

-Isaac is incredible.
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User Info: Doug314

4 years ago#2
We're not going to get 52 characters.
Palutena, Isaac, Ridley, King K. Rool, and Anna for SSB4
"I'm willing to bet money that Waluigi, Chrom and K. Rool are in this game" -DynasticAnthony

User Info: stranksy

4 years ago#3
Specified which ones were fairly unlikely, though kept them for the sake of people who'd go, "Where's Ridley/Bowser Jr/Paper Mario/Mewtwo?"
When life's really getting you down, take solace in the fact that you're going to die.

User Info: Littlejeffery

4 years ago#4
Super Mario: 8
Paper Mario

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User Info: Ryoukai

4 years ago#5
You're probably undershooting both Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus here, and giving Mario and Metroid one more than they need, each. Also, for your 6th gen Pokemon rep, Mewtwo's new form covers that pretty well.

Outside of that, I don't have much else worth saying.
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User Info: kazooie959

4 years ago#6
I don't get why people keep putting in Blaziken over Sceptile...

I know that in game wise Blaziken is more popular but the fact that in the tv show May used a Combuskin and Ash had a Sceptile should make it be the other way around and don't give me the tv show has no effect crap cause we all know it does...

Although I doubt anybody would disagree with mudkip
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User Info: UberPyro64

4 years ago#7
Too many Mario reps. Either pick Bower Jr. or Paper Mario. Though honestly Bowser Jr. is quite a bit likelier.

DK probably wont get more than one newcomer. And that would be King K. Rool.

No classics for Zelda. It's not necessary when A Link to the Past Link looks very familiar to an Adult Link. Ganon could work possibly but I doubt it. Just put Toon Link back if you want.

Lol Sylux won't get in. I also don't think Ridley is all that likely but people seem to think so. So that's fine I guess.

I don't like how people try to change the Pokemon Trainer. Gen 1 is the most iconic and this is why that's repped the way it is. No other gen comes close. So he will stay as Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard. Mewtwo also has his Awakened Form which is a Gen 6 rep so that would be good enough. But you could say other Gen 6 rep I guess. Genesect would be nice though.

F-Zero hasn't had a game since 2004. It won't get a new rep.

Fire Emlem is going to get an Awakening Rep. It's the biggest game in franchise. And of course Chrom is the main character so he will most likely be it.

Needs Palutena for Kid Icarus. Also Takamaru and/or Lip for retro reps since Sakurai wants to add some.

With failure in sales in the last Golden Sun game, I don't think it's all that likely to get a rep.

Banjo isn't happening. He is owned by Microsoft and thus has 0% chance. Other then that Namco needs to have a rep.

So yeah. Make some more changes.
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User Info: HorribleLandCow

4 years ago#8
I know F-Zero hasn't had anything in a while, but Black Shadow wouldn't be a bad choice. Another antagonist would be welcome.

Classic Link and Ganon wouldn't work. Try Tetra, Bring back Toon Link or Vaati and better choices.

I honestly think Leon S. Kennedy would have a better chance than Banjo and Kazooie to make the game, although, how the hell would that work out?

User Info: jeffdogworthy

4 years ago#9
Few things

I like the idea of PT being third gen, but I feel like Swampert or Sceptile should be playable instead of Blaziken; I feel like he'd be too much like Captain Falcon

Uhhhh Chrom instead of Ike would make more sense IMO,

Banjo I think presents legal issues, Isaac was an assist trophy so I guess he has good chances

I pretty much like just about everything you did.

Sylux would be bloody brilliant, he was my main in Metroid Prime Hunters

User Info: Daisyfanboy

4 years ago#10
Where's Shulk?
So I'm still waiting for Daisy to reappear in something that's not a spinoff.
I'll probably end up dying first or something but optimism is fun.

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