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Think of a Smash character before entering...

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(message deleted)

User Info: Philos555

5 years ago#52
Princess Peach for me-That is acceptable ;)
Dragonwarriordude 5 years ago#53

User Info: SideShowBatt

5 years ago#54
Captain Falcon... *bows* I am honored to share a bed with you oh man of all men! King of kings! God of gods! Brawler of-*gets punched* Too much?
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User Info: arcnova

5 years ago#55
sonic, he was done in 2 seconds ;D
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User Info: SteadyingMeat

5 years ago#56
Vycoul posted...
Zero Suit Samus.
Someone on this board once told me that it would seldom be a bad idea to pick female characters for these kind of topics. He's been right most of the time.

" hey meat-kun y you no sig? :| "

User Info: keyblade_lord

5 years ago#57
Eh. :|
OBJECTION! This Topic Clearly Sucks!
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User Info: Model_SX29

5 years ago#58
Mewtwo. I find this acceptable; I worry that he will not.
I've stopped caring about a lot of things. But not Sonic. Never Sonic. :P

User Info: iKhanic

5 years ago#59
Lucas, I'd phone the police for his underage drinking, but I don't want to get arrested myself
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User Info: nahor88

5 years ago#60
Link... can I try your... sword?

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