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Think of a Smash character before entering...

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User Info: da__beast

5 years ago#41
Mario. He didn't actually drink, but those shrooms made him think he was in some strange, magical land with pipes and turtles.

User Info: Xerves_black

5 years ago#42
TrueKirby posted...
I don't drink...................
But I thought of Zelda. :D/ :P

This exactly.
"Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.".
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User Info: feeny88

5 years ago#43

I'm very happy
Tehdude - "Cus anet are stoopid amateur devs."
Dude has some awesome grammar and spelling skills doesn't he?

User Info: WiiFan77

5 years ago#44

...I better start running before Chris Hanson shows up. >_>

User Info: NightsOwl

5 years ago#45
Wolf... He must be a beast in bed.

... -crickets-

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User Info: Lord_Kagato

5 years ago#46

Watch my LPs and UMvC3's Courtroom Drama! -
Current LPs: Majora's Mask, Fatal Frame 2, Megaman Legends 2

User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

5 years ago#47

I can roll with it.

User Info: shadowfreak1101

5 years ago#48
Zero Suit Samus... that explains the whip marks... me likey
Things I learned from Earthbound: Toothbrushes blind people, mushrooms are evil, and trees explode when they die.

User Info: FEAddict

5 years ago#49
I don't drink. Muahahahah.
The biggest Wii U fanatic in the world right here!!

User Info: hotshotgames

5 years ago#50
I just screwed an angel... oh
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