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User Info: IronChef_Kirby

6 years ago#1

Yes, Keeby, Kirby’s yellow counterpart! I was thinking about how many of Kirby’s SSB moves reference various copy abilities he’s used in the games, and then decided to take that a step further by giving his nearly identical buddy Keeby a moveset incorporating even more of my favorite copy ability moves. You could probably make at least five non-clone movesets for Kirby and his counterparts by using the various powers they’ve used, so I had a lot of fun with this one. Hope you like it!

Speed: 3.5/5
Power: 2.5/5
Recovery: 5/5
Weight: 1/5

Intro animation: Keeby walks through a Mirror Door to enter the stage.

Regular moves
A: Keeby draws his spear and thrusts forward with it.
AAA…: Keeby performs a flurry of stabs with his spear.
Side Tilt: Keeby draws his parasol and spins it in front of him. This move deals multiple hits and has fairly high priority, so it can be used defensively as well.
Down Tilt: Keeby swings a crescent blade low.
Up Tilt: Keeby brings out his yo-yo and swings it in an upward arc, like a faster but weaker version of Ness’s Up Smash.
Side Smash: Keeby draws his double-bladed laser sword and twirls it over his head quickly to trap foes with a couple rapid hits, then does a fierce horizontal swing to knock them away.
Down Smash: Keeby splits into two copies of himself to hit enemies on both sides of him and then reunites a la the Mirror Body move in Kirby Super Star.
Up Smash: Keeby stretches out his arms and covers them with spikes, then slams them together like a bear trap, a la Kirby 64’s Needle + Cutter ability. This move is a little slow on the startup, but deals especially devastating damage and knockback to foes who are directly above him.
Dash A: Keeby slides forward while thrusting with his fire sword.

Aerial moves
Neutral Air: Keeby performs Ice Sprinkle, spinning rapidly in midair while blowing a frosty mist to damage and potentially freeze enemies on both sides of him.
Forward Air: Keeby pulls out his hammer and does a few flips in midair, knocking foes away at the end. This move is like a non-horrible version of SSBM Kirby’s aerial Side Special.
Back Air: Keeby glances back and jabs foes behind him with his spear. The tip of the spear deals extra damage and knockback.
Down Air: Keeby performs a literal drill kick by transforming his feet into a large tunneling drill and drilling at foes below him as long as the attack button is held.
Up Air: Keeby lashes upward with his whip, like a shorter ranged version of Zero Suit Samus’ Up B that deals upward knockback. This move can also be used to grab an item if the tip of Keeby’s whip touches one.

Grab: Keeby grabs an opponent with one arm.
Pummel: Keeby uses his free arm to jab the held opponent with a kunai.
Forward Throw: Keeby tosses the opponent into the air in front of him and nails them with an explosive ninja star, the blast from which sends them flying farther.
Back Throw: Keeby throws the opponent behind him, then follows up by drawing his bow and firing three cupid arrows at them simultaneously.
Down Throw: Keeby places a bomb on top of the opponent’s head, stunning them for a moment before the bomb explodes.
Up Throw: Keeby performs Rising Break, a jumping uppercut that deals multiple hits before sending the opponent skyward.

User Info: IronChef_Kirby

6 years ago#2
Special moves
Special: Quad Shock: Keeby takes out a kunai and performs a diagonal downward slash. The initial slash has very short range, but if it hits an opponent, it will create a blue shockwave that deals significant damage and knockback to them and any other opponents close enough to be hit by the shockwave.

Side Special: Analyze Beam: Keeby dons a high-tech visor and emits a light that scans foes in front of him. This light deals next to no damage and knockback, but it allows Keeby to copy the Side B move of the opponent he scans. If more than one opponent is scanned simultaneously, a power is copied from one of them at random. As long as Keeby has an opponent’s ability, he will wear the corresponding Kirby hat for that opponent, which he can lose by taking enough damage or taunting.

Down Special: Plasma: As Keeby moves around, he slowly generates a plasma charge, the strength of which is indicated by the brightness of the green aura that grows around Keeby. When the plasma charge is released, Keeby will perform one of five attacks depending on how much energy is expended.
No Charge: Plasma Needle: Keeby throws a shocking needle that deals nearly no damage and knockback, but can be used repeatedly at high speed.
Low Charge: Plasma Arrow: Keeby throws an arrow of plasma that travels a little further than the Plasma Needle, but is still pretty weak.
Medium Charge: Plasma Spark: Keeby releases a burst of plasma that comes out slowly and has little range, but deals a fair amount of damage.
High Charge: Plasma Laser: Keeby releases a large, strong stream of plasma that can hit multiple foes as it travels.
Max Charge: Plasma Wave: Keeby releases a large ball of plasma that travels quickly, can hit multiple opponents, and hits rather hard.

Up Special: Hi-Jump: Keeby puts on his winged circlet and his awesome red cape and shoots into the air with a mighty jump that does considerable knockback to any enemies he hits. Hi-Jump always shoots Keeby upward a set distance, but the user has great horizontal control over him during this time. Additionally, this move can be charged to sacrifice some maneuverability in favor of more damage and knockback, or turned into a dive bomb attack instead if the player presses Down before Keeby leaps.

Final Smash: Supernova: Keeby stores up energy, then unleashes it in the form of a massive colorful explosion that works much like a stronger version of the Smart Bomb item. This move can be seen in the video here:

User Info: IronChef_Kirby

6 years ago#3
Up Taunt: A nightcap appears on Keeby’s head and he falls asleep for a few seconds.
Side Taunt: Keeby does a shortened variant of the Kirby Dance.
Down Taunt: Keeby takes out a broom and begins to sweep the area around him.

Victory animations
A: Keeby does a version of the Kirby Dance.
B: Keeby crashes onto the victory screen using a Warp Star, then picks himself up and waves happily to the camera.
C: Keeby waves goodbye to everyone and then leaves via a Mirror Door.

Costumes (Credit goes to me! I did this all myself for once! Haha!)

Kirby hat: Kirby gains his Ninja headgear and becomes able to use the Quad Shock attack.

Extra note: If Keeby scans Kirby, Keeby gains a twisted blue and white rope headband and the ability to use Kirby’s Hammer move.

Snake Codec Conversation:
Snake: Colonel, it looks like I’m fighting another puffball. Is this Kirby again?
Colonel: Believe it or not, that isn’t Kirby. You’re fighting Keeby, one of Kirby’s counterparts.
Snake: Keeby? What’s the difference between him and Kirby? Other than the colors, I mean.
Colonel: As far as we know, Keeby and Kirby both employ the same Copy Ability to grant them a wide pool of skills. The difference lies in which skills they choose to bring to play here.
Snake: So, what kind of skills does Keeby use, then?
Colonel: It seems that while Kirby relies mainly on hand-to-hand combat, Keeby makes more extensive use of weapons and elemental mastery. On top of that, he can fly around the stage and mimic the skills of the opponents he meets here, so you’ll have to stay on your toes to survive.
Snake: Understood.
-End of communication-

Phew. If anyone bothered to read that whole thing, they deserve a Maxim Tomato.

User Info: Werewolf-Kirby

6 years ago#4
This is awesome! A non-clone clone! Cool!!
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User Info: IronChef_Kirby

6 years ago#5
WerewolfKirbyy posted...
This is awesome! A non-clone clone! Cool!!

Thank you!

User Info: MetaFalconPunch

6 years ago#6
What that other guy said.

I think it'd actually be a good idea to have two Kirbys just because it helps with filling more of Kirbys available moves.
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User Info: DeuxHero

6 years ago#7
I think such a moveset may be more likely on Gooey than a recolor alreddy in the game.

Still nice idea though.
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User Info: yoshiyo187

6 years ago#8

This makes me want customizable movesets

User Info: Blazekicker27

6 years ago#9
If there are customizable movesets, this needs to be one of Kirby's. Love it!
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User Info: uwnim

6 years ago#10
This is rather good.
I want a pet Lavos Spawn.
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