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User Info: notchase

1 year ago#81
Hey Deflaktor,
I don't know how to use Github, so I'm posting this here.

I have found a kind of sloppy way to load "Easy Mode" boards as "Standard Mode"
Using Ghidra, and the PAL .dol

FUN_80011558 is called multiple times and has something to do with applying game settings especially before a board is loaded.
FUN_8013b17c is called when a board has been chosen and settings are confirmed.
The FUN_80011558 called in FUN_8013b17c @ 8021d044 is when "Easy Mode" or "Standard Mode" is applied to the board.
If FUN_80011558 @ 80011650 loads a 0, then game will be Standard or 1 then game will be Easy.

If FUN_80011558 @ 80011650 is locked at 0, then whenever mode is selected, then only existing Standard Mode maps can be selected.
80011650 38 00 00 00 li r0,0x0

My bad/sloppy solution:
Make a modified copy of FUN_80011558 with @ 80011650 locked at 0
Paste it over some other maybe unused functions - for example @8037e980
Change FUN_8013b17c @ 8021d044 to call the new FUN_8037e980

User Info: Deflaktor

1 year ago#82
Nice find!
I have set up a shared ghidra server so that we can collaborate on disassembling efforts. I will send you a pm how to access it.

If anyone else wants access to it, feel free to send me a pm

User Info: speedfox1

11 months ago#83
Great work on the editor it is awesome.

Is there any way to mod how selling stocks affect prices?

I think its silly how you can have 400-500 stocks and you only have to sell 10 to drop the prices. I think it would be nice if you have to sell 10% of total stocks to drop the price instead of just 10.

User Info: Mimi13

11 months ago#84
Hey guys, I am a Mac user who is interested in starting board editing. Is it possible for there to be Mac support for this board editor in the foreseeable future? If that will not happen, could someone point me in the direction of a Mac-friendly Fortune Street board editor? I couldn't find one on Google.

User Info: Deflaktor

10 months ago#85
I'm not sure regarding Mac, but I tried to port the editor to linux. However, it is too deeply tied into the dot net stuff to port it to other platforms. As such unless you use wine or a vm I do not think there is an alternative.

User Info: Boomic

10 months ago#86
TL:DR Creating a discord server to keep the community together and to increase efficiency.

LINK: Now the website wont let me send the link to the server since it thinks im advertising, but I believe this is relevant enough to nullify the rule, especially since I literally created the server just because of this forum and not the other way around, so ill just describe the link i guess, Typethe usual invite discord linkthen after the "/" at the end, replace the server code with 53AWgSU. Also if im able to figure out pm i can also just send you the link through there too.

So, im a long time fan of fortune street, first played the game on the wii, then after sick of playing s***ty ubisoft monopoly with my friends, figured out how to work dolphin out and use parsec to play with my friends using my computer as a local host with parsec.

I noticed how most of the boards we played were kinda s***ty, except for some of the special tour boards that we started playing after i finally got around to figuring out how to add hacks. So i started looking into board customization (which to my suprise exists lol) and after looking through 5 year old forums and youtube videos I found this forum.

I read through all of it and saw how active everyone was, and I though it would be sad to see this community die like the others years ago, especially with all the new content added.

Now, im quite inexperienced with hacks and board editing and such, but I am interested in managing a discord since I believe it would help keep the community active and help organize things even further (ie: an easy place to find the git hub link with all the mods together). Also it would help the spread of information so that we could concentrate multiple people with the same goal in mind, to increase the customization and variability of fortune street.

So to simplify things, I think its worth a shot to try and centralize this community so that it doesn't fall apart like it did years ago since I think fortune street is an incredible game with a lot of potential. (also wouldn't it be cool to have tournaments and stuff?)

Anyways, if it doesn't work im very thankful for the new improvements on the editor (thanks Deflaktor) and all the new information and tutorials on how to make this game awesome by everyone else.

I will start optimizing the server now, hope to see you guys soon!

-Boomic (just made an account for this lol)

User Info: Deflaktor

9 months ago#87
Hi Boomic,
thanks for doing the community work :) this is a part which I have neglected a bit. Anyways, there are already several discord servers up for Fortune Street (which for some reason were not posted in this forum before).

The discord server which is used mainly to meet and play other people is here (also the most active one):

The discord server where the most active modding related discussion is going on is:

Also, I have set up a github repository to share community maps here:

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