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User Info: kissmahbutt

7 years ago#1

So, I've been getting into playing Fortune Street more on the Standard Rules (as I started playing with the Easy rules).

I haven't really looked into the instructions or guides for the game, as I prefer learning things as I go on, so as I've been playing, I've come to this standard foruma on stocks... however I want to know if there are better ways of dealing with stocks.

So far, depending on what I roll and what properties I manage to get before my first promotion, I purchase stock (usually 60-99) in a random district, that I think will be worthy of doing so (or in a district I intend on dominating because I managed to get more than one property there before the promotion).

From then on, I play the game like normal, attempting to buy out shops or bargain them as I get total domination of the districts I put stock into, and I try to invest extremely early so I'm not bought out as I try to do this.

To me, stock is more important than actual money, but it's also bad to only have stock because selling stock ultimately makes it worth less.

As the game progresses, I can sell stock in the districts that my opponents invested into so I can hurt them when they come to a point where they are close to the target amount.

Is my formula for stocks well thought out or should I be doing something completely different?

User Info: MasterPoker

7 years ago#2
Buying 10 or more of a stock causes stock to go up ~10%. Selling 10 or more, down ~10%. I have my suspicions that its closer to 8% or so, but 10% is the commonly accepted value.

Selling 9 stock a turn is a way to cash in on a mass stock purchase that you don't foresee being developed, so that you have money on hand for opposing rent and 100g venture cards. Selling 10 stock a turn is a great way to harm an opponent in the early game (reducing their total stock value enough to prevent 999g invests) and late game (preventing victory when lands are maxed out), but tends to fail in the mid-game unless you've got a huge cash pool to play the stock market with. You can also plummet your own region's stock value in anticipation of buying it in mass quantity later, this often leads to big early game profits on the following lap.

A highly neglected tactic is keeping 5+ stock in a region to maximize your dividend in an otherwise unowned region. 1-4 stocks won't do it, you'll gain less than the full 20% dividend that way (probably 4% per stock up to 5). One of the venture cards even hints at this, giving the player five stocks in all regions. Needless to say, that's one of the best venture cards you can get, if you don't make the mistake of selling those stocks off (like I see many people do online).

On a related note, when you pass the bank before the end of a lap, and lack significant stock/cash, buy into a region with high rent that nobody owns, so you can make a high profit off the few stock you can afford. Buy whatever you can, then sell off all but five the next time you need cash on hand.
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User Info: Mayonesa

7 years ago#3
When it comes to choosing which district to invest in, I ask these questions.

1. Is there a district that I have a lot of max capital in and can either become the top investor or be close to the top investor if I buy there?
2. Is there a district somebody else has a lot of max capital in and I can become the top investor or be close to the top investor if I buy there?
3. Is there a district where it's possible for me to increase the max capital by buying another property and I'll either be the top investor or be close to the top investor if I buy there?
4. Is there a district where it's possible for someone else to increase the max capital by buying another property and I'll either be the top investor or be close to the top investor if I buy there?
5. Is there a district where I'm already the top investor and I can buy at least 10 stock to raise the value?
6. Is there a district where I can buy at least 10 stock to get my networth to go up a little from the stock price increasing?
7. Is there a district where I can buy at least 5 stock to get the dividend bonus?

Go through the questions until I answer yes to one and invest everything I can into that district. There are exceptions of course (early in the game when you're expecting to still buy quite a few properties I don't usually want to invest everything, a lot of times I would rather in invest in #4 over #3, and if I get really far ahead of everyone else in owning a district's stock I almost exclusively keep investing there) but that gives you the jist.

Another thing I usually do is if I'm a few moves away from the bank, and I'm not getting a promotion when I pass it, I usually sell 9 stock at the start of my turn to make sure I can buy 10 when I do pass it. You have to be careful about this though, because it won't work if you sell on the same turn as when you pass the bank. This isn't as big of a deal later in the game when you have diversity since you can sell in one and buy in another.
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User Info: Terotrous

7 years ago#4
If you have a small amount of a stock that you want to buy into, it may be worth deliberately tanking the stock price by selling what you have in increments of 10 so you can buy it up cheap. Make sure you sell on the turn before you reach the bank, though, because the stock price changes after you roll.

This is most useful in the early game when you don't have a ton of capital to work with.
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User Info: Cookie_Aroma

7 years ago#5
How come sometimes you can buy or sell stock in increments over 10, without the price going up or down? What determines that?

User Info: MasterPoker

7 years ago#6
It does go up/down, but the display rounds the cost. If you sell or buy 10+ a second time, it'll move down/up.
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User Info: kissmahbutt

7 years ago#7

So I've been playing a lot, I just finished all the tours on Standard mode, and I learned a lot thanks to the comments here.

In any case, the question above about stock price not going up or down: the general rule of thumb for stock price is that the individual stock price is under 10G, if you sell off 20 units, it drops, and if it's over 10G, it drops if you sell 10 units. If the stock price is over 100G, it drops after you sell 5 units.

Those that say selling in increments of 9 (to get money without dropping the price) or selling 10 (to drop the price), are about 80% right. When you play much longer games, you will want to sell 4 units (so the price doesnt drop), or 5 (to drop the price). It doesn't mean much at the beginning though. Personally right when I start a game, I always look at all the district's individual stock price, so if I get some good rolls I generally try and buy in that district first, that way if someone tries to stock up there instead of me, it won't matter much as they would raise the price to a reasonable amount regardless. Some districts start off at a 15G stock price, while others start off at a much lower price like 7G. I've found that District A is generally always 6-8G from the beginning.

Stock is more important than money, I always buy as much stock as I can, even if its in a random district, because anything can happen (free money if someone tries to invest in that district or if the stock price goes up via a venture card). It also prevents me from losing gold from those "you dropped your wallet" venture cards. Though the card that makes you pay 2G per unit of stock you have kinda sucks (though theres only one of those cards...)

User Info: JaggiMan

7 years ago#8
As youve seen from our games, how i usually use stock is that i invested on opponents districts more often than my own, keeping either equal or more than the owner of the district. I try to get as much stock, but stock at every potential growing district i see. These leaves my opponent with 2 choices when they make investments in their shops. 1) if they choose to invest, it will drive the stock prices up, making me much needed gold and networth to compete even if i dont own a district, or 2) they can choose not to invest to make death traps, which works for me since nothing will obstruck my path to the suits and get the much needed promotions for more stock to buy. So, it leaves me in a win/win situation. They could intentionaly drive stock prices down but i feel that as long as i hold that stock, the reward ill get will make up for it tenfold. Though once they do decide to make the death traps and they finish, i make sure to sell off my stocks to get back my money to buy stocks in another area. As long as someone is owning the board, you can own the market and ride to the top
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