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  3. So I played the updated Razor's Edge at the WiiU event today...

User Info: lonelyhamster

6 years ago#61
So is it a good game yet? As good as previous games in the series?

User Info: Lord_Gremlin

6 years ago#62
youngbro posted...
Gnosis_Guyver1 posted...
Yup thats right for me its this if that announcement in fall is either crap or none at all NG will be dead to us and tecmo if this **** happens again

tecmo is walking a very tight rope with a piss poor strategy if they think those dissapointed with NG3 are gonna jump ship well think again are not if they do buy a wii-u they sure as **** will not buy razors edge cause we will not support who screwed us int he first place don't even get me started on the collectors editions quite a few reported theres came with broken items 100 plus bucks for that.

^i agree, but for some reason Tecmo is still trying this with the Psvita as well.

Why attempt to milk NGS1 and NGS2, when not alot of people have a vita or plan to get one for those games.

Also why didnt he just update NGS1 with trophy support? Konami did it with MGS4

Why, I know quite a few NG fans (playing NGS2 team missions a lot eventually gets you acquainted with a number of such people) who got a Vita to try and Platinum NGS+. I did so myself. Sadly, had to get Asian release, the only one with Japanese dub and English subs, sadly with censored decaps on humans. But I can't tolerate English dub in NG, Ayane is particularly horrible. And naturally I still have my US copy of NGS for PS3 with rolling heads... I tell you, Vita port is generally worthwhile - they added new type of wearable items and, probably to keep it tough, made bosses harder.
Now, if in NGS2+ on Vita I can have my rolling heads and wear a stupid helmet that makes me a glass cannon and more importantly have my Japanese dub - I'm in.
I wonder if NG3RE will have Japanese dub in EU. It's 25 gb disk, but you know. Nintendo does stuff sometimes. Crazy stuff.
I have a question to topic author too. I've seen trailers and one thing grabbed my attention. When you do Izuna drop or such moves that splatter head you can see chunks of it, but it doesn't look like they fall around with meaty sound like in NG2 (that sound is still there in NGS2, although head just explodes into a cloud of purple fumes). So, my question is - does Izuna Drop feel like in NG2? Satisfying splatter sound included?
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  2. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
  3. So I played the updated Razor's Edge at the WiiU event today...
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