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User Info: zelda_40

4 years ago#1
Where is the first character token in Fort Meadows please?

User Info: zenwaznez

4 years ago#2
The first character token in any game section of the city will be your ability token, which will be unlocked naturally through story mode. For example the robber token unlocks in Albatross Island which allows you to use said abilities.(safe crack, eavesdrop, pry open.)
but besides that, there is no real "first" or progression of tokens, they can be gathered in any order.

But if you are going off the map available here:


and are coming from Auburn, the first Character token you'll encounter should be resting under a tree as you turn into the gas station. No abilities needed in gathering this token, not even breaking a bush to reveal it.

Beyond that, I can't be sure which token you are speaking of, all I can recommend is go through the map and recall if you have collected the token represented by the icons.

some tokens that may trouble:

-- There is a token on the pedestrian bridge down the street from the gas station.
-- After fixing the circuit breaker which opens the gate that allows access up the railroad tracks, at the end there is a group of breakable barrels, destroy them to reveal a character token.
-- following the road to the Bluebell Woods, once you are under the bridge with the rail road tracks, to the side is a payphone, the token is sitting next to it. (or directly underneath from the previously mentioned token if that explanation doesn't work.)
--In the sawmill part of the map you will need to use the robber ability to crack open a safe, inside is a briefcase, you will need to beat up the briefcase to reveal the token.

all other tokens are straightforward which may or may not require abilities to reach, but nothing too complicated or hard to get. follow the map and you should find the one token you are missing.
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