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User Info: galaxywalker

4 years ago#1
I just bought this game again and I would like to know if anybody can make a list for me?

I would like to know the locations of the disguises that you get if possible.

User Info: zenwaznez

4 years ago#2
A list is provided in game in the basement of the police station as well as provided at the bottom of screen as shown as a Lego body button, but it will only display token you have already collected and only allow you to use the ones you have bought from the police station

If are concern about getting everything (100%) there is a guide that I created on the FAQ's page


it goes over everything you need to get 100%. just as a note, simply collecting the character token does not get you all the character disguises, they are also unlocked by completing accolades (completing the job tasks like breaking the ATM's, capturing loose aliens, completing super builds, etc) after reaching milestones (like 45/90) you unlock a new disguise or vehicle.
unless you are looking for a specific disguise this is your best bet
like making maps here. Looking for a game to master and make a map for
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