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User Info: Omi-kun

3 months ago#1
I'm a total noob at smash. this is the first time I'm playing one, so I need help with a few questions.

I noticed that some special moves, like Mario's down + special seem to "fail" sometimes. sometimes the water jet comes out, other times, only a few drops. what causes this? and is there no way to use special moves in combos?
also, do special moves raise the oponent's % as much as normal attacks? and is it possible to launch opponents using special moves?

User Info: Gargomon251

3 months ago#2
That means you didn't charge it up all the way.

Some special moves have unique properties. Some don't work when you're in midair, some require getting hit, etc.
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User Info: Osumnis

3 months ago#3
For Mario's down special (FLUDD), the first time you activate it, he "charges" it. You can pause the charging at any time by shielding, rolling, dodging. When you press down special again, it resumes the charge.

If you press down special WHILE charging, he will spray water based on how charged it is.

FLUDD can reach full charge. When this happens, there will be a *tink* sound, and Mario glows a little. He will also stop charging.

If you press down special while FLUDD is fully charged, he will immediately spray a full-charged FLUDD.

For FLUDD in particular, the move is just a way to move opponents, it does no damage. This is particularly useful when the opponent is off-stage. Spray them with FLUDD, and they will be sent even further.
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