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User Info: roboemperor

3 months ago#1
It's currently an auto-lose condition for me.
1. If I roll I still get hit. If I don't the delay from the roll is long enough for my opponent to land an attack.
2. If I jump I dodge one, but I get hit when I land. If I double jump I dodge a 2nd one but now I'm fcked because i can't dodge the 3rd. If I Up-B to dodge a third that's a free smash on me.
3. If I manage to jump to the guy he is shielding and the moment I land I am f***ed.
4. If I shield he predicts that and just grabs me, especially Link.

I fought a Lucas who just jumped and projectiled me the entire fight. The guy was clearly better than me, and I had absolutely no idea what to do. I could not punish his jump projectile because Lucas is like an alien in the sky.


User Info: Gargomon251

3 months ago#2
can't he block some projectiles with punches? Anyway some characters just have a bad matchup or two you can't do anything about. Remember that bowser has a projectile too, though it is a little on the short side, and he also has super armor to a degree.
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User Info: Osumnis

3 months ago#3
There's not a single answer to projectiles. You have to mix it up. Powershielding is a good option. Jumping is sometimes good.

1. Rolling is usually bad vs. projectiles.

2. When you jump, don't always jump toward your opponent. Maybe sometimes just jump in place where he can't reach you.

3. If you jump at a guy and he is shielding, immediately grab when you touch the ground, or side B in the air since that's a command grab for Bowser.

4. If he's predicting your shield, you're being predictable with your shield. Go a step ahead of him. If you think he's gonna grab you, evade the grab and/or attack him before he grabs you.

As always, the more you try to do these things, the more you'll get better at it.

But yes, projectiles are tough to deal with, especially for someone not used to it.
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