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User Info: roboemperor

8 months ago#1
I love heavy weights but in every game they are total crap.

Then I saw Nairo beat Zero's diddy with bowser so I want to main bowser now!

I'm having serious trouble landing his grab though.
Shield->Grab fails every time. I block an enemy attack with shield but they always roll away before my grab connects.
Dash Grab fails every time either to a jab, ftilt, or a spot dodge.
Pivot Grab... I have no idea how to land one except against CPUs.

So if an opponent knows I'm grabbing a lot and does his absolute best to not get grabbed, how to land his grab?

User Info: Osumnis

8 months ago#2
Mix it up with attacks.
Ex. Jab, wait for airdodge, grab.
Follow their landing, and sometimes try to attack them in air, sometimes side b in air, sometimes wait for them to hit the bottom then grab them.
Conditioning them to shield by attacking is good.
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User Info: atmasabr

8 months ago#3
Don't attack with grab. Counter the enemy's mistakes with it. Once you learn how to do that, I think that's when you'll be ready to learn how to trick or force the enemy into making a mistake.
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