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User Info: Little007bond

4 years ago#61
I don't have the full game, but I've seen plenty of complaints about the online. The problem is either your internet, or another player's. Like on awesomenauts, there's a host, where the host uses their internet to run the server. If the hosts internet is bad, EVERYONE else's gameplay (including the host) lags out really badly. That could be the case, but I seriously doubt it. Either that or your internet is bad or as I said, someone else's internet is bad and everyone's suffering. I wouldn't know what to suggest. Everyone seems to be experiencing different things. Some people don't get lag online at all, some get it a lot, some get it a little, some get it so much it's unplayable. So I don't know. I don't know much about internet, but try these tips anyway.... hope I helped!

User Info: FelurFalas

4 years ago#62
I would like to know how people get used to the lag. I cannot handle it at all when I get stuck with a laggy player.
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User Info: metroidfan987

3 years ago#63
Playing against anyone is lame anyway. More than half the time I encounter projectile-spamming a**holes. Fighting against my amiibos is a much more fulfilling experience, and best of all, no lag.

User Info: joemoetoe

3 years ago#64
Still laggy as f***

User Info: joemoetoe

3 years ago#65
Too many people with s*** ass internet like f*** aol stopped being popular over 10 years ago move.on

User Info: Pokelander

3 years ago#66
Lol... projectile spamming.

I can think of 20 things worse in this game. If you're a Mega Man player as I am, there is really nothing else that can be done with him other than projectile spamming. I use all his moves but using crash bomb and metal blade consistantly are the most effective way to introduce his mega buster attack into the mix.

That being said it still doesn't make up for reflectors, that crap is as cheap as it gets.... it takes me 3 seconds to charge up a shot which can be reflected back at me with little to no skill? Even when it's unexpected and charged for a brief second the most skilled reflector can send it back with ease.
KangXi posted...
I play X, Y & Z online

Pokemon X, Y, and Z...
Wait, Z? Is it confirmed?
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User Info: Tardis2015

3 years ago#68
When I play this game it quits after it lags for so long. Does this happen to other players?
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Tardis2015 posted...
When I play this game it quits after it lags for so long. Does this happen to other players?

Yeah, it disconnects
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User Info: Sephiro

3 years ago#70
I'd like to invite you all to play some Smash and/or battle pokemon with all of the poeple and I in a group chat I have appreciatedly been able to assemble.

We use an app on the playstore thats called Line. Its a smooth chat app thats happens to be free and only uses a data connection or wifi. The important thing is that all chat is instant to everyone else so there is no waiting for about an hour or more possibly when using Gamefaqs to try to set things up if one of two poeple setting things up doesn't have email notifications running or any other reason someone wouldn't be notified. Plus there are no annoying PM limits as there are on Gamefaqs. To add me search by ID in the add friends tab for seph777 and I'll invite you to the group chat. We can exchange friend codes when you join us ;)

I play as pretty much 21 different characters in Smash with varying degrees of strength, also with about 4 to 7 what I'd call mains. I'm very versitile and just enjoy fun - who doesn't? I'd be happy for you all to join us. Thank you guys.
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