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User Info: WChris001

4 years ago#51
Add me: FC: 1693-0953-4899 and PSN:WChris001

User Info: rodman870

4 years ago#52
Being a new player, this really should get stickied.

Edit: Oh, it's already stickied. And it just dawned on me that I requested an un-sticky. >.>
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User Info: Vaxer420

4 years ago#54
I just tried adding this to the cheats section but if you want to unlock characters quickly in smash setting 1 stock and x2 damage makes some throws an instant KO. I can confirm Ike D-Throw and Ness U-Throw. This is also helpful for speeding through challenges that involve KO's in Smash.

I'm bringing it up cause AmazingAmpharos made an awesome speed unlocking guide for Brawl and I used the same tactic on WiiU but it didn't translate to the 3DS version and I figured this out pretty late myself.
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User Info: Jayto87

4 years ago#55
Im downloading it right at this very moment, Im sooo ready to play it. I been waiting forever for this one.

my fc is 512931136321 so if anyone wants to add me go ahead.

User Info: Ghirahim-Swag

4 years ago#56
Forgot info on master sabers, (the swords) but its pretty straightforward. There's one attack to watch out for, where it splits into five and hits you a lot. Just keep rollin.
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User Info: OZ_Archangel

3 years ago#58
On the 3ds where is this mode that you speak off about selecting dark paths etc?
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User Info: Littlemac1702

3 years ago#59
My fc: 3368-4530-2718; My name:PLQA

User Info: Littlemac1702

3 years ago#60
Who body add friend me? My FC:3368-4530-2718;My name:PLQA. If you want to add friend me and play together you comment or message for me. Thank!
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