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guy12345 3 months ago#1
Not a Switch. We're the few...the proud.....
cyberpik 3 months ago#2
...the faithful...?
Gietzy 2 months ago#3
I played it digitally on the WiiU! That must be even rarer!
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Dimond_Lynel333 2 months ago#4
I got the dlc on wiiu
Dimond_Lynel333 2 months ago#5
It’s so dumb that they still sell games for the wii but not the wii u
I bought a Wii U when they announced this game. Played WW and TP to tide myself over. I own a switch now but I have still only played thus game on Wii U.
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ACCEL360 1 month ago#7
I considered it. But decided against it.
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Stanger5150 2 weeks ago#9
I got it for the Wii U because that’s what I anticipated its release for. I never bought the Switch version because of how much the nerfed the Wii U version so that it wouldn’t be objectively better.
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TimeCrisis 1 week ago#10
ACCEL360 posted...
I considered it. But decided against it.
What you did instead @ACCEL360
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