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Dimond_Lynel333 4 months ago#1
I want to make a breath of the wild combat guide but I want to know who would benefit from it. I don’t want to make the guide if nobody will use it. Please tell me if a botw combat guide would be helpful to you and if you would read it.
R_O_B_Sentry 4 months ago#2
Oh I think this would be nice

But how much do you know? Do you know the techniques such as jump cancelling and basics like shield parry flurry rush. Do you know about the type of weapons and two handed spin attacks versus one handed spin attacks.

Did you beat the Master Sword trials as they are purely combat. Not insulting your intelligence, just saying how much you may have to write.

The different kinds of enemies as well,

Sneak strikes
Using stasis to freeze enemies and which enemies stay longer on hold.
Beating a Hinox,
Beating Eventide,
Beating the Divine beasts
Throwing weapons
How to use a boomerang properly
Cheap KOs such as forcing enemies into water or bogs
Hi ! I'm Omochao. @_@ ) I'm here to help you.
Ah... My, my... <3 I foresaw your arrival, Mario. -- Merluvlee, Paper Mario
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Dimond_Lynel333 4 months ago#3
I didn’t beat the master sword trials but I have beaten the first one I have not yet tried the second one. I know all the different fighting techniques (parry, perfect guard, flurry rush) but I also know the combat techniques that the game didn't intend to add (perfect Duruk rush, shield block reset, infinite hit box)
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R_O_B_Sentry 4 months ago#4
So yeah I would say go for it. Are you going to include specific guides for a say a mini boss such as a Talus or a Molduga

And how about guides to beating the Yiga clan?

What about Archery as well would it include that? I think it should
Hi ! I'm Omochao. @_@ ) I'm here to help you.
Ah... My, my... <3 I foresaw your arrival, Mario. -- Merluvlee, Paper Mario
Dimond_Lynel333 4 months ago#5
Ya these are all good ideas
Dimond_Lynel333 4 months ago#6
But I don’t think the yoga clan hideout or even tide island would fit in.
Dimond_Lynel333 4 months ago#7
Ok ima make the guide
Dimond_Lynel333 4 months ago#8
Post ideas for my combat guide on this board